TWICE Successfully Wraps Up First In-Person Seoul Concerts In Two And A Half Years

On December 26, TWICE held the final night of their Seoul concerts for TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ at the KSPO Dome.

TWICE had initially planned to hold three concerts in Seoul from December 24 to 26, but the December 24 night was canceled due to stricter social distancing guidelines. The December 25 night was an exclusively “offline” (in-person) concert, while December 26 night was broadcast live on Beyond LIVE as well as having an in-person audience.

During the December 26 concert, Nayeon said, “I said yesterday that it felt like a dream to be standing in front of ONCE [TWICE’s fandom name] again, but I still can’t believe it’s real. It’s been two years since our last Seoul concert in May 2019, and I really missed you.”

Sana said, “A few weeks before the concert, we were told that we might not be able to do it offline. It took the wind out of us, but when we learned that we could do the concerts, we worked really hard to prepare. It’s really nice to see you all.” The members cautioned the audience to follow COVID-19 protocols and refrain from cheering but instead make noise with their hands, feet, and shake their light sticks.

Chaeyoung said, “There were a lot of things that happened before we could hold these concerts. We worried a lot about whether we’d be able to do the concert or not, but we’re here now.” Mina added, “I’m sure everyone feels frustrated, but please enjoy the concert safely with your masks on and following the rules.”

Jihyo said, “Our tour’s name is ‘Three’ (‘III’) and there’s a very special meaning behind it. It doesn’t just mean a number.” Nayeon added, “It shows how much we think of ONCE.” TWICE’s latest album, “Formula of Love: O+T=<3,” also played on the combination of “ONCE” (1) and “TWICE” (2) making “THREE” (3/love) together.

Dahyun said, “It’s already our fourth concert. Since we’ve spent so much time together, it feels even more special and precious. We worked hard to prepare to show ONCE how grateful we are, so please enjoy it to the fullest.”

TWICE opened the concert with their first English single, “The Feels,” and continued with “Feel Special” and “Up No More.” The group also performed “Queen,” “FANCY,” “Turn It Up,” as well as “Shot Clock,” “GET LOUD,” “I Can’t Stop Me,” “ESPRESSO,” “ICON,” and “Cry for Me.”

After “I Can’t Stop Me,” Nayeon said, “This is a fast tempo song that the members often say is difficult to dance. We realized anew how many songs we’ve released while preparing for this concert. Since it was our first in-person audience in two years, we were greedy to show all the things we couldn’t show in that time.”

Jihyo said, “We prepared a lot of dazzling performances, but personally I wanted our fans to take pride in us as TWICE.” Chaeyoung added, “We tried to express ONCE in as many ways as possible. The most important thing for us is to show cool music and performances.”

Tzuyu said, “Even though I can’t see your faces clearly because of the masks, I am so happy that you’re clapping for us.” Momo said, “I’m so happy to be able to see you with my own eyes. If ONCE is happy too, then that’s a relief for us.”

TWICE continued to perform with “SCIENTIST,” “Real You,” “CACTUS,” “Moonlight,” “REWIND,” “What Is Love?”, “Knock Knock,” “MORE & MORE,” “Dance the Night Away,” “Alcohol-Free,” and “Heart Shaker.” Jihyo, Sana, and Dahyun performed “PUSH & PULL,” Nayeon, Momo, and Chaeyoung performed “HELLO,” and Mina and Tzuyu performed “1, 3, 2.” Jeongyeon was originally part of Mina and Tzuyu’s unit, but she did not participate in the Seoul concerts due to health issues.

The members also celebrated Sana’s birthday (December 29) on stage with their fans. The concert concluded with “The Best Thing I Ever Did” and “Merry & Happy.” The encore performances included “Baby Blue Love,” “TT,” “I Love You More Than Anyone,” “Rollin'”, “Say You Love Me,” “Do It Again,” and “Precious Love.”

At the end of the concert, a video of TWICE’s career highlights played on the screens. Momo said, “We received a surprise like this for our first concert. It’s been a while since we’ve seen it, so it feels more moving.” Dahyun added, “Now that we see the video, it seems like we spent all these moments together with ONCE.”

Jihyo said, “Now that we’re in our sixth year since debut, it feels like we’re more comfortable. But when I saw this video, I realized again how much we love singing and dancing in front of people. I thought, ‘I really want to be with these nine members for a long time.'”

Chaeyoung joked, “I also want to cry.” More seriously, she added, “Practicing for this concert was so hard that I ate a lot of meat. Now that I saw the video, I realize how much we’ve done. We’ve run hard. It’s been hard practicing for the concerts over these past two weeks, but it was also a happy time.”

Sana said, “We’ve done so much it almost feels like we’ve debuted twice. There were times when the year went by so fast that I was like, ‘What did I even do this year?’, but now that I’ve seen this video, I realize, ‘I was running for ONCE.’ It’s because we were all together, including Jeongyeon who isn’t here right now, that we were able to spend a fulfilling year.”

Tzuyu said, “We’ve performed a lot, but it is a precious thing to stand on stage in front of our cheering fans. I think that it isn’t easy for ONCE to give us so much love, but they’re so amazing in showing us endless love and support. It’s been six years since our debut, but I still feel like we’re lacking. However, we’re going to work hard and repay you.”

Nayeon said, “Because we’re so close and familiar with each other, it’s hard to express our gratitude. But the stage set, costumes, and design are amazing, aren’t they? The staff spent all night making these costumes.”

TWICE is scheduled to continue their world tour in the United States in February and Japan in April.

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