Teen Top’s Niel And Changjo Announce Their Departure From TOP Media

Teen Top members Niel and Changjo will be leaving their agency TOP Media following the expiration of their contracts.

TOP Media announced the news of their departure through their official website on December 28, stating that Niel and Changjo’s contacts will end on January 10, 2022. The agency explained that after long discussions and consideration, the two members had decided not to renew their contracts with TOP Media.

TOP Media further stated, “We agreed that Niel and Changjo would still participate in promotional activities for Teen Top even after the end of their contracts due to the members’ deep affection and trust for the group. We sincerely thank Niel and Changjo for having been our artists for such a long time, and we support both Niel and Changjo in their upcoming endeavors as great artists.”

Niel will be releasing his final solo album with TOP Media in January 2022.

Both members also shared handwritten letters to their fans about the end of their contracts with TOP Media and their future activities.

Niel’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is Niel.

It has been a long time since I wrote a letter like this.

I’m writing this letter to inform you that my contract with TOP Media will end earlier than that of the other [Teen Top] members currently serving in the military. I feel sad that I am about to leave the company where I spent the last 12 years, starting with my trainee days.

I would like to thank TOP Media’s CEO, Vice President, director, and staff members for taking care of me like family for the past 12 years.

Above all else, the times I spent promoting as Teen Top’s Niel were truly happy thanks to our precious Angels [Teen Top’s fans] and my fellow Teen Top members.

There may be some people who think that this means that Teen Top is disbanding, but Teen Top will never disband. I’ve spoken to every single member [of the group], and we all have the same desire and intent to be together as Teen Top forever. So please don’t worry too much.

I think I will now be taking on new challenges and a new beginning, and I am still filled with fears over ‘Will I be able to do well?’ Our Angels, please give me lots of support in my fresh start and new challenges.

I will show you all a positive version of myself both as a member of Teen Top and as the individual Niel. I will keep singing for my fans until the day I lose my voice.

Our Angels, please always be healthy and happy. I hope to meet you all again soon. I love you.


Changjo’s full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is Changjo.

I would like to announce something to Angels. First, I would like to thank all of our fans agin and again for waiting for us for such a long time. It has been such a long time since I wrote a letter like this.

I have learned so many things over the last 12 years that I wouldn’t even be able to count all of them.

The way I think, my behavior, and my patience have all changed [over these years], and I would like to sincerely thank our TOP Media family for working hard and going through even more struggles and difficulties than I did so that I was able to focus on our activities, grow, and think positive thoughts.

My [time with TOP Media] has been very precious to me, and I think I will keep remembering it fondly in the future.

I was able to live every day happily thanks to the unending love and support of our Angels, who cheer us on by our side and always try to give us even more strength, and [your love and support] make me think that I need to work even harder. I received a lot of happiness and was really touched [by your support] many times.

Thanks to all of you, I was able to receive a lot of love and spend my teens happily. I will keep spending my days happily together with you, so I hope you don’t feel sad! Because Teen Top will be forever!

You will be able to see a complete Teen Top once all of our members are discharged from the military, but until then! We are planning to show you the individuality of each member, so please continue to show a lot of interest and support, just like now!

I also want to be able to promote together as a full group with all the members as soon as possible!

Until then, let’s give each other strength and spend our days happily!

I will also show you all new sides of myself in the future! Thank you so much!

This has been Teen Top’s Changjo. Thank you ♡

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