Watch: Lee Do Hyun And Im Soo Jung Flaunt Their Cute Chemistry Behind The Scenes Of “Melancholia”

tvN has released a making-of video of Episodes 13 and 14 of “Melancholia”!

Set in a private school that is rife with corruption, “Melancholia” is a drama about a passionate math teacher named Ji Yoon Soo (played by Im Soo Jung) and a former math prodigy named Baek Seung Yoo (played by Lee Do Hyun), who ultimately wind up changing each other’s lives forever.

The video starts with a mellow scene between Im Soo Jung and Lee Do Hyun that they popcorn ideas for. Despite their hard work, the filming is interrupted by a loud plane, but the two pros nonchalantly accept the blooper. The beautiful scene continues as the two romantically stay outside in the snow. However, as soon as the cameras stop rolling, the actors giggle about how much the snow was tickling their faces.

While sharing a meal, the director asks Lee Do Hyun to improvise a line that goes with Im Soo Jung’s comment, “It tastes good.” Lee Do Hyun jokes, “This is me,” before settling on, “You thought I was only good at math?”

The two continue with a scene in the kitchen as Im Soo Jung asks, “Should we make kimchi fried rice?” Lee Do Hyun replies, “I’ll do it,” and Im Soo Jung hilariously flusters him by jokingly calling out, “He told me to get lost! He told me to get out of the kitchen!”

Later, Jin Kyung and Jang Hyun Sung find their way to set when they’re sought out by Ahn Sang Woo. He says goodbye to Jin Kyung as he explains they won’t see each other because they don’t have any more overlapping scenes. Jang Hyun Sung jokes from the side, “In the future, you’re not going to join any dramas that Jin Kyung is in?” Ahn Sang Woo jokingly responds, “Shh… I told you not to say anything.”

Looking at her bloody makeup, Shin Soo Yeon asks the camera, “Don’t I look like a zombie? Should I go film ‘Whispering Corridors’?” When Lee Do Hyun joins the set, he rushes around during break time to jokingly bring Shin Soo Yeon various vegetables from around the classroom. After chaotically running around, he forgets where the veggie basket originally was and shyly asks the camera, “Can you possibly cut here and rewind this [so I can check where it was]?”

Watch the full video below!

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