UP10TION Talks About Their New Album, Participating In Songwriting, And Goals For Their Comeback

On January 3, UP10TION held an online showcase for the release of their 10th mini album “Novella.”

This is UP10TION’s first comeback in six months. Including title track “Crazy About You,” the mini album includes six songs, such as “Give Love,” “PANDORA,” “INCREDIBLE,” “FALL,” and “SAD ENDING.”

Sunyoul said, “We’ve filled this mini album with six tracks about the process of love. Through these songs, you can feel the four stages of the story of love. It’s a happy ending with UP10TION and HONEY10 [fan club name].”

About the title track, the members said, “We chose to have the title in past tense [the Korean title is ‘I Was Crazy About You’] because we believed that the most lingering feelings are in the past rather than the present and future. If you listen to this song at the end of a long and tiring work day while taking a shower, the waterworks might turn on.”

Kuhn, Bitto, and Xiao participated in writing and producing songs for the album. Xiao said, “I personally like songs with a sorrowful vibe and pretty lyrics. I would like it if people focused on the lyrics of my songs [‘FALL’ and ‘SAD ENDING’].”

Bitto said, “I’m the type to look at the overall vibe of a song. Since the album is called ‘Novella’ and it’s about the four stages of a story, I’d like people to focus on that when they listen to the lyrics. The album ends with ‘SAD ENDING’ but for us it’s a happy ending with HONEY10.”

Kuhn said, “When it came to the title track, I wanted to make the part I was writing sound like a poem.”

About the goals for their comeback, Kuhn said, “We wanted to show how much we’ve grown musically, so we poured our all into making the album. For the past six months, we lived while being careful of COVID-19.” Hwanhee added, “Since we had a lot of time to prepare the album, we worked even harder than usual. We’re going to show a more ‘adult-like sexy’ image.”

About approaching their seventh debut anniversary, Gyujin said, “Since we tried a new concept for this title track, I hope that more people will listen to it. We’ll work hard at promotions. We have new resolve because it’s the start of a new year, and the members are all looking more passionate than ever.”

Kogyeol added, “We’ve done a lot of live performances, but we want to show that we’re a talented group with our own strengths. We want to be acknowledged for our skills. We also hope there will be more chances to see our fans close up.”

Check out UP10TION’s music video for “Crazy About You” here!

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