Watch: Im Siwan, Go Ah Sung, Son Hyun Joo, And Park Yong Woo Take On Bold Characters In “Tracer”

The latest character teaser for MBC upcoming drama “Tracer” gives a closer look at its main characters!

“Tracer” is a new drama taking place at the National Tax Service. Im Siwan stars as Hwang Dong Joo, a new team manager of the Seoul Regional Office’s Investigation Bureau, while Go Ah Sung is Seo Hye Young, a fellow team member at the Seoul Regional Office who is unafraid to face the cowardly world head-on. Son Hyun Joo plays In Tae Joon, the commissioner of the Seoul Regional Office who dreams of becoming something bigger. Park Yong Woo takes on the role of Oh Young, who was once the ace of the National Tax Service but is now the section chief who doesn’t believe in doing any work. The drama is written by scriptwriter Kim Hyun Jung and helmed by director Lee Seung Young of “Voice 2” and “The Missing.”

The new teaser begins with Hwang Dong Joo handing in his resignation letter as he says, “I’m repaying you for the kindness you’ve shown me with ingratitude.” This raises curiosity about his character while he chases after all kinds of corruption related to money in his own way.

Seo Hye Young, who can’t stand unfairness, previews her outstanding intuition while she announces a head-to-head battle with foul money as she yells, “I can’t quit like this!”

In Tae Joon, an ambitious dreamer who dreams of becoming the head of the National Tax Service, reveals the face of a meticulous strategist, saying, “Let’s decide if he’s worthy enough to hold in our hands.”

Oh Young is a realist, and he joins in on the pursuit of bad money as he says, “I never said that I’m going to give up.”

Meet the characters of “Tracer” in the full teaser below!

“Tracer” will premiere via MBC on January 7, 2022.

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