Kim Min Kyu Talks About His Character In “IDOL: The Coup” And What Kind Of Actor He Wants To Become In The Future

Kim Min Kyu looks charismatic in his new pictorial for 1st Look magazine!

While modeling different looks for the pictorial, Kim Min Kyu showed off diverse poses and his piercing gaze. During the interview following his photo shoot, Kim Min Kyu shared, “The theme of the pictorial is the adventure of finding myself. I’m still gradually maturing. I’ll continue to show new sides of me slowly, bit by bit, so please look forward to it.”

Kim Min Kyu recently starred in JTBC’s “IDOL: The Coup” as Seo Ji Han, the leader of the idol group Mars.

He commented, “Top idol group leader Seo Ji Han was a type of role I hadn’t done before, so I was more intrigued by it. The real-life Kim Min Kyu normally gives off the vibe of a cheerful young boy, while Seo Ji Han is a prickly and very sensitive character. I feel more proud on the inside because I think I was able to show a side of me that I hadn’t shown before.”

Kim Min Kyu continued, “Thankfully, I was able to spend 2021 really busily, without resting. I’m just grateful that a lot of people have called me and continue to take interest in me. I want to greet [viewers] with a new project this year as well.”

He added, “I hope that this current situation improves in 2022. I want to meet fans in person.”

On his ultimate goal, Kim Min Kyu shared, “I want to become an actor that suits any color. My MBTI [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator] is ESTJ, the executive. If I live sincerely in the present, then my future self will become very solid and strong, right?”

Kim Min Kyu’s full pictorial and interview will be available in Issue 231 of 1st Look magazine.

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