WEi’s Kim Yo Han Is Comforted By Cho Yi Hyun And Chu Young Woo After Unexpected Loss In “School 2021”

KBS 2TV’s “School 2021” has previewed unexpected hardship for WEi’s Kim Yo Han.

“School 2021,” the eighth installment of KBS’s popular “School” drama series, tells the story of high school students struggling with an uncertain future and choosing to follow their dreams instead of just preparing for college entrance exams.

Kim Yo Han stars in the drama as Gong Ki Joon, a former Taekwondo athlete who was forced to give up on his dream, while Cho Yi Hyun plays his first love Jin Ji Won, who is determined to achieve her dream of becoming a carpenter.


The upcoming episode will capture Gong Ki Joon’s feelings of loss and loneliness following Gong Young Soo’s (Park In Hwan’s) passing. Previously, Gong Young Soo had felt pain in his chest, and he suddenly fainted in the middle of work. Shocked by the sudden news, Gong Ki Joon rushed to the hospital, but Gong Young Soo eventually passed away, leaving Gong Ki Joon in tears.

The new stills portray Gong Ki Joon grieving after having lost his only family member. In his mourning clothes, Gong Ki Joon looks at the portrait of Gong Young Soo with an empty gaze. Later, Gong Ki Joon bursts into tears after seeing the belongings left behind by his grandfather. Gong Ki Joon appears to be missing Gong Young Soo dearly, especially in the photo of him lying listlessly on the ground while looking at the wooden speaker he had gifted Gong Young Soo.

Nevertheless, Jin Ji Won and Jung Young Joo (Chu Young Woo) will be there to share in Gong Ki Joon’s sadness together.

After crying silently in the corner of the funeral parlor, Jin Ji Won will approach Gong Ki Joon and comfort him by wordlessly holding his hand. Jung Young Joo will also stay at the funeral parlor all night with Gong Ki Joon, even covering him up with a blanket when he lies down.

The production team shared, “Today’s broadcast will depict the sincere friendship between Gong Ki Joon, who wavers in the face of cold reality, and Jin Ji Won and Jung Young Joo, who comfort him. Please focus on the steadfast friendship and loyalty built by the youth who lend a hand to each other every time a crisis hits.”

The next episode of “School 2021” airs on January 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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