Lovelyz’s Mijoo Talks About Being On Variety Shows, Her Agency Antenna, And More

1st Look magazine has shared stunning photos of Lovelyz’s Mijoo!

The idol showed off her charisma and charm as she naturally adapted to different concepts for the photos.

Mijoo made many fans laugh with her honest personality on variety programs like “How Do You Play?” and “The Sixth Sense.” She even won the Rookie Award for Variety at the 2021 MBC Entertainment Awards.

When asked if she could feel that she’s hit her prime years, she candidly replied, “Through ‘The Sixth Sense,’ I started to enjoy appearing in variety shows. The atmosphere at the filming site is great, and I had fun with unnies and oppas. I think the viewers enjoyed that too. Thanks to that, a lot of people want to see me on variety shows, so I’m grateful.”

Then Mijoo added, “When I film, I try to enjoy the situation and do my best. It’s actually a lot of fun too. Rather than feeling burdened, I feel happy because I can show my honest self, and I think fans love that side of me. I enjoy a given situation without making omitting anything, and honesty is my weapon.”

Mijoo also talked about her agency Antenna, which she signed with last November. She remarked, “I think it’s a place where I can do well, and I can create things I do well with them. This agency that aims for good people, music, and laughter is in sync with the future I want to create. I want to show you how I move forward as I create good synergy with them.”

When asked if fans can look forward to her releasing an album as a musician, she replied, “I’m anticipating it too. What kind of performance will I show you? Whatever it is, I want it to be something new.”

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