VERIVERY’s Minchan Issues Apology For His Comments About His Former Classmate’s Looks

VERIVERY’s Minchan apologized after making comments about his former classmate’s appearances.

Recently, Minchan and his fellow members Hoyoung and Kangmin held a Naver’s V Live broadcast. Minchan said that when he was in the third year of middle school, a female student who was an idol transferred to his school. He commented, “My fantasy [about celebrities] was crushed. Her looks weren’t very extraordinary either.”

On January 8, Minchan issued an apology on VERIVERY’s official Twitter account.

His full letter is as follows:

Hello, this is Minchan.

I sincerely apologize to everyone who felt uncomfortable with my words and actions on the January 6 broadcast of Naver’s V Live.

So that the same thing does not happen in the future, I will be someone who is careful with what he says and acts seriously about everything.

I will also contact her directly and apologize to her.

I deeply reflect on my actions and rash words and apologize once again.

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