Hyeri And Yoo Seung Ho Share A Serious Conversation That Could Affect Their Relationship In “Moonshine”

Things are getting serious between Hyeri and Yoo Seung Ho in KBS 2TV’s “Moonshine”!

“Moonshine” is a drama set in the Joseon era, during the time when prohibition laws were at their strongest. The series tells the love story of Kang Ro Seo, a struggling aristocrat who starts illegally making alcohol in order to support her family (played by Hyeri), and Joseon’s greatest inspector Nam Young, who is known for living a very principled life (played by Yoo Seung Ho).


In the last episode, Kang Ro Seo played cupid for Han Ae Jin (Kang Mina) in order to smuggle in her moonshine (illegal alcohol). Kang Ro Seo gave Lee Pyo (Byun Woo Seok ) a letter through Nam Young on the condition of receiving government paper from Han Ae Jin. However, Nam Young got the wrong idea and thought Kang Ro Seo had feelings for Lee Pyo.

The new stills capture a serious atmosphere between Kang Ro Seo and Nam Young. Every time there was a crisis, he showed up to save her, which caused her to slowly open up her heart to him. However, she has been suppressing her feelings for him because she’s afraid he’ll suffer if an inspector like him is seen with someone who makes moonshine.

In the photos, Kang Ro Seo takes Nam Young’s hand and leads him to a quiet place to talk. Nam Young is flustered by what’s going on, but he doesn’t hold her back when she walks away from him. Kang Ro Seo eventually bursts into tears, raising questions about what kind of conversation they shared.

Misunderstandings are piling up between Nam Young and Kang Ro Seo. There is talk of marriage between Nam Young and Han Ae Jin, and Lee Pyo declared he would make Kang Ro Seo participate in the crown princess selection. In addition, the movement of political forces surrounding these characters will add more tension to the drama.

The next episode of “Moonshine” will air on January 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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