ONEUS’s Leedo And Xion To Take A Break From Activities For Health Reasons

ONEUS’s Leedo and Xion are temporarily taking a break from all activities.

On January 12, ONEUS’s agency RBW released a statement saying that the two members are experiencing some health issues and will take time off to recover.

The full statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is RBW.

We would like to inform you about the health status and future activities of ONEUS members Leedo and Xion.

Leedo was diagnosed with skin inflammation on the soles of his feet and was advised to be careful with his daily activities for about a week starting from the date it occurred. He participated in a fan signing event and the stages with a strong will that it was a precious promise with the fans and that he was in a good condition to be part of them. However, in fear of possible delays with his recovery, he will be taking a week off. We are constantly checking Leedo’s condition, and he’s also working hard to receive treatment.

As for Xion, he slightly strained his knee while coming down the stairs and is currently wearing a knee brace. Xion also expressed his intention to proceed with the performance, but on January 5, a medical professional advised him to take it easy for one to two weeks, so he is going to be taking a break for a while so that he won’t strain himself.

Both members are listening to the advice of professionals by doing their best to minimize movement and focus on treatment in order to recover quickly.

We ask for your understanding about the sudden news that has caused concern, and we will take the fans’ concerns seriously and reflect on them to put the artists’ health first. Thank you.

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