IU’s Agency Apologizes For Recent Merch Issues And Announces Legal Action Against Malicious Posts

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has apologized for issues with the artist’s merchandise and announced their plans to take legal action against malicious posts.

On January 12, EDAM Entertainment uploaded an official statement onto their social media accounts to address issues with IU’s 2022 Season’s Greetings and other recent merchandise. Read the full statement below:

Hello. This is EDAM Entertainment.

First off, we apologize for giving fans cause for concern due to the numerous issues that have recently arisen.

With the error in “2022 IU Season’s Greetings,” we have caused fans discomfort and a hassle. We feel responsible for disappointing fans who have been earnestly waiting for the Season’s Greetings for a long time. We know that feeling better than anyone, so we are taking follow-up action in order to deliver the Season’s Greetings with the errors corrected to fans as soon as possible. In order to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, we will do our best to thoroughly inspect and keep an eye out during preparations to ensure that there are no neglected parts.

Additionally, we have opened our artist’s official online MD [merchandise] store. However, as a result of many issues regarding products and shipping, we have caused discomfort for many people. Regarding this, we are planning to implement a better system.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by some of the ‘Strawberry Moon Necklaces,’ in which some faulty items had part of the engraving erased in the manufacturing process. We will deal with this so that a quick exchange can be arranged. Additionally, to repay fans’ support, we plan to do pre-orders for music boxes. We will share additional information about this at a later date. To those who have already ordered their music boxes, we will ensure safe delivery.

Along with this, due to the prolonged strike of courier companies, there is currently a delay in delivery. We’re doing our best to check in many ways and deliver using different courier companies that can ensure quick delivery. We are taking care of this to ensure that deliveries are made to fans as soon as possible, so we ask for your understanding. In the future, we will do our best to not only provide information in advance regarding our official MD products but also to ensure that there are no issues with pre-orders, shipping, and CS.

Furthermore, we will once again monitor to see if there are any errors in our official MD products, whether there is discomfort in regards to this, and whether the desired product is in stock, and we will actively improve by listening to fans’ diverse opinions.

Additionally, we take strong legal action on a regular basis against malicious posts regarding our agency’s artist. On top of our own monitoring within our agency, we are reviewing each and every piece of evidence reported to us by fans. Based on this, we are collecting evidence and filing legal complaints through a law firm. Currently, a lot of cases are being dealt with through the legal process, so it is taking some time. We plan to provide fans with a more detailed statement in regards to this soon. In order to ensure that our artist and fans no longer get hurt, we will not sit back and we will continue our efforts to eradicate malicious comments.

Through this opportunity, we will use this harsh criticism as a stepping stone and be careful to make sure something like this never happens again. Lastly, we, EDAM Entertainment, will listen closely to the fans’ precious hearts and do our best to ensure that 2022 is filled with happiness for our agency’s artists and their fans. Thank you.

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