KNK Announces Oh Heejun’s Departure From Group And Jeong Inseong’s Military Enlistment In February

KNK has made some important announcements regarding their members.

On January 13, the group’s agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is 220 Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely thank the fans who cherish and support the group KNK.

Oh Heejun, who has been a member of KNK for six years since 2016, has concluded group activities.

As the contract period with Oh Heejun ended, it was decided that he will not renew the contract and conclude group activities with KNK in accordance with his own intention.

We express deep gratitude to all the fans who have supported Oh Heejun until now.

In addition, KNK member Jeong Inseong will enlist in the military on February 8.

He will continue his activities after being discharged from the military.

Please continue to support KNK members Jeong Inseong, Kim Jihun, and Lee Dongwon.

Thank you.

Former member Park Seoham departed from KNK in September of last year.

Wishing all the best for Oh Heejun, Jeong Inseong, and the rest of KNK!

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