Jung Ho Yeon Shares Gratitude For Her SAG Awards Nomination With “Squid Game”

Jung Ho Yeon has shared her thoughts on “Squid Game” snagging historic nominations at the 28th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards!

On January 12 local time, the SAG Awards announced this year’s nominees. “Squid Game” was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series and for Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series, making the show the first non-English language TV series ever to be nominated for an award. Additionally, Lee Jung Jae received a nomination for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, while Jung Ho Yeon was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series.

Jung Ho Yeon’s agency Saram Entertainment shared, “On January 12 local time, Jung Ho Yeon was nominated for the SAG top prize for individual female actors in a TV series with the Netflix series ‘Squid Game.’ As SAG is an award where members of the American Actors Guild can recognize the acting skills of their fellow actors, it’s even more meaningful. It’s especially exceptional because this is an accomplishment achieved with Jung Ho Yeon’s acting debut project.”

Read Jung Ho Yeon’s personal statement below:

Thank you to the members of SAG.

First, I am sincerely happy about the ensemble cast nomination, as they made our team’s time enjoyably creating ‘Squid Game’ together even more valuable. While doing this project and acting for the first time, I began to think that doing something ‘together’ and making something ‘as an ensemble’ might be the real value of our society. I’m gaining strength from realizing once again how much more precious it is to be together than to be alone. Thank you so much!

As the Stunt Ensemble was nominated, I am reminded of our ‘Best Stunt’ team. On set, they would always claim responsibility for our safety and worry for us. I am sending love and conveying my gratitude to our ‘Best Stunt’ team.

Lastly, I had no idea I would be nominated so I was really surprised. I am just happy that my picture is next to [my fellow nominees,] Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Elizabeth Moss, and Sarah Snook.

I sincerely thank the many people who voted!

To our director Hwang Dong Hyuk, CEO Kim Ji Yeon and the entire ‘Squid Game’ team, and Netflix Korea who have granted me such an amazing experience, I love you and thank you so much.

Recently, Jung Ho Yeon made history as the first East Asian independent cover model for U.S. Vogue magazine. “Squid Game” was also the only foreign TV show to win at the 2021 American Film Institute Awards held earlier this year.

The SAG Awards will be held on February 27 local time in Los Angeles.

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