Rain’s Agency Announces Legal Action Against False Rumors

Rain has announced his intention to pursue legal action against the spread of false rumors.

On January 14, Rain’s agency, Sublime Artist Agency, released the following statement.

Hello, this is Sublime Artist Agency (SAA).

The agency is aware of the existence of videos circulating recklessly about our artist, Rain, that are based on completely false information.

We have also checked the amount of posts and comments that spread false information, defame our artist, attack him personally, criticize him maliciously, and spread unconfirmed rumors.

There are YouTubers who make up fake news in order to get views, and those who build on those to spread the false rumors even further. We will take all possible legal action against behavior that harms our artist. There will be no lenience or cooperation as we pursue both civil and criminal liability in these cases.

Sublime Artist Agency will always work to protect the artists under our care.

Rain is currently starring in the drama “Ghost Doctor.” Check it out below!

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