MOMOLAND Talks About Making A Comeback After A Year, Working With Natti Natasha, And More

On January 14, MOMOLAND made their first comeback in a year with the single “Yummy Yummy Love,” a collaboration with Dominican singer Natti Natasha.

“Yummy Yummy Love” is a funky, sexy song about the sweetness of love. It highlights MOMOLAND’s energetic vibe against a funky rhythm, groovy guitar riff, and fancy ad-libs. It is MOMOLAND’s first comeback in almost a year, following the release of “Wrap Me in Plastic” in February 2021.

JooE said, “Since it’s our first comeback in a year, it feels new. We’re meeting our fans for the first time in a while, so we’re as excited as when we first made our debut. It’s our first comeback in a long time, so fans can look forward to an even better song and more amazing performance.”

Nayun said, “All the members put a lot of thought into how to show a new and transformed image, so the time went by quickly. These promotions will show how MOMOLAND has grown and changed, so please look forward to it.”

Ahin said, “MOMOLAND returned with a funky and sexy concept with this song, and it’s a very unique and unusual concept. Everyone thinks of ‘refreshing’ and ‘energetic’ when they think of MOMOLAND, but we want to add a funky vibe to our usual energy, as well as a sexy Latin style.”

JooE said, “Not just the song, but also our styling has changed up a lot. MOMOLAND is known for our vivid colors, but we’ve added the Latin style for a MOMOLAND-like Western mood. A lot of my own ideas were incorporated in the process, so I’m particularly invested in it.”

Hyebin said, “‘Yummy Yummy Love’ is a song that directly expresses a sweet love. The funky rhythm, powerful brass, and groovy guitar riffs make a pop dance track that you can start humming right away.” Ahin added, “Natti Natasha was part of the entire album production process with us. Natti Natasha is a global Latin pop artist with the hit track ‘Criminal,’ which has over 2.3 billion views on YouTube, and about 34 million followers on social media.”

Hyebin went on, “Collaborating with Natti Natasha was a precious experience that I will never forget. She participated in not only the song recording, but also the music video. She was really part of the whole process. Thanks to her, we heard that our album was highly anticipated in Mexico and South America even before it was released. We’re grateful to Natti Natasha and her fans all over the world.”

Nancy picked the “trumpet” dance as the key part of the choreography and said, “When the brass part comes on in the chorus, we do a trumpet movement with our arms. It’s witty and addictive, so I’d pick it as our key point.” Jane said, “I’d say it’s the ‘L’ dance. When we sing ‘Are you ready for love like this?’, we make an L shape with our fingers. It appears the most in the choreography, and it’s not a very difficult move, so I think it’ll be easy to remember.”

To their fandom, Merry (short for Merry-Go-Round), Nancy said, “It’s been a long time but we’re back with ‘Yummy Yummy Love.’ We will repay the love and support that Merry always gives us with cool music and performances, so please watch over us.”

Nayun said, “Thank you for waiting. We worked really hard to prepare with Merry in mind. Please show us a lot of love this comeback as well. Thank you.”

Jane concluded, “As soon as 2022 began, we came to greet you. I hope that there will be more chances to see and meet Merry in person this year. We’re going to have fun with these promotions, so please look forward to it. Happy New Year!”

Check out the MV for “Yummy Yummy Love” here!

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