Jeon Yeo Been Talks About How Fun It Is To Work With Song Joong Ki, Doing A Cameo For Yoo Jae Suk, And More

Actress Jeon Yeo Been did an interview with Star News to talk about her hit drama “Vincenzo” and more!

“Vincenzo” is a tvN drama about an Italian mafia lawyer named Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki), who goes to Korea after being betrayed by his organization and teams up with lawyer Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been) to take down villains using villainous methods.

Jeon Yeo Been said, “The set of ‘Vincenzo’ was like a playground. Even if you didn’t have filming scheduled, you’d go to visit someone else’s shoot. Everyone loved the drama and loved and depended on each other. Song Joong Ki, as the main character of ‘Vincenzo,’ was a ray of sunshine that spread to everyone. Because he was at the center, we were all happy. Director Kim Hee Won also gave us a lot of strength. The two of them shared so much happiness that the rest of us didn’t have to work hard to enjoy ourselves.”

She said that the cast still keeps in touch. “I go to see the plays of Kim Yeo Jin, who played Choi Myung Hee,” she said. “Choi Myung Hee was a character who was beyond gender. She wasn’t an ‘evil woman character,’ she was a villain that had nothing to do with her gender. I think that that character was able to come into existence because of Choi Myung Hee. It was really fun to act with her. I think it would’ve been more fun if Choi Myung Hee and Hong Cha Young had butted heads more.”

Jeon Yeo Been also made a cameo appearance in the music video for MSG Wannabe, a project group produced by one of Yoo Jae Suk’s alter egos on the MBC variety show “How Do You Play?“. She said, “I’m a huge fan of Yoo Jae Suk, and I was already working with Lee Dong Hwi on the Netflix series ‘Glitch.’ Lee Dong Hwi is part of MSG Wannabe. I shared that I was a fan and I was luckily able to film a cameo. It was really fun to film. Variety has a very different process from dramas or movies. Talk that wasn’t scripted flowed naturally like water. Everyone there was really funny.”

Jeon Yeo Been’s acting career began in 2015 with the film “The Treacherous” and with several short films and independent films afterward. She was critically acclaimed for her performance in the indie film “After My Death,” leading to roles in TV shows like “Save Me.” She rose to prominence through her starring roles in “Melo Is My Nature” and “Vincenzo.”

She said, “When I first started acting, I felt that I was starting late compared to my peers. But when I think about it, I wasn’t late at all. It was just right for me. I’m not very quick by nature, so I need to go step by step. I think that I started right when I was ready, and I’ve been thinking lately that there is no set time for any kind of work. My parents trusted in me, but I had constant doubts about myself. But this is something everyone goes through and will continue to go through. Enduring and fighting with yourself is the homework of my life.”

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