“Show Window: The Queen’s House” Stars Pick Their Favorite Scenes And Lines Ahead Of Finale

As Channel A’s “Show Window: The Queen’s House” heads into the final week of its run, its stars have chosen their favorite scenes and lines from the drama!

“Show Window: The Queen’s House” is a drama starring Song Yoon Ah as Han Sun Joo, the queen of her seemingly picture-perfect family, and Lee Sung Jae as Shin Myung Seob, her secretly two-faced husband. Jun So Min stars in the drama as Yoon Mi Ra, who befriends Han Sun Joo while secretly carrying on an affair with her husband behind her back, and 2PM’s Chansung plays Han Jung Won, Han Sun Joo’s devoted brother.

Earlier this week, the hit drama made Channel A history: on January 11, the latest episode of “Show Window: The Queen’s House” set a new record for the highest viewership ratings ever achieved by any drama in the history of the network.

With just two episodes left to go, Song Yoon Ah, Lee Sung Jae, Jun So Min, and Chansung each named their favorite scenes and lines from the show thus far.

Song Yoon Ah: “Make that man yours.”

For her most unforgettable line from the drama, Song Yoon Ah chose the dramatic moment when Han Sun Joo changes her mind about Yoon Mi Ra’s affair and boldly tells her to “make that man yours” at her sister’s grave. The actress also named Han Sun Joo and Yoon Mi Ra’s conversation while shopping for the latter’s wedding dress as another particularly memorable scene.

“If their conversation at the cemetery scene played the biggest role in Sun Joo and Mi Ra’s relationship up until the first middle of the drama,” said Song Yoon Ah, “then I think the emotions that the two women displayed during that wedding dress shop scene were the driving force that fueled the second half of the drama.”

Lee Sung Jae: “Nothing can go wrong.”

Meanwhile, Lee Sung Jae picked one of Shin Myung Seob’s lines from Episode 2, when he tells Yoon Mi Ra, “As long as the two of us are careful, nothing can go wrong.” The actor explained, “I think this line sums up Myung Seob’s inner feelings. He does feel some guilt about cheating, but he’s caught up in the arrogance of thinking that he can never get caught. I think that one line really conveys his state of mind.”

Jun So Min: The wedding shoes

Jun So Min chose the scene where Yoon Mi Ra goes to Han Sun Joo’s house before their wedding vow renewal ceremony and smiles while putting on the other woman’s wedding shoes. “When I was filming this scene, I felt an emotion that I can’t explain,” shared Jun So Min. “Within the drama, I felt that in that moment, Mi Ra had everything.”

Chansung: A failed proposal that ends in shock and betrayal

Finally, Chansung named the scene where Han Jung Won finds out that his fiancée Yoon Mi Ra has only been using him—and that she had approached him for the sole purpose of getting back with Shin Myung Seob. “It was a scene in which I felt sad and angry, but I also had a complicated mix of feelings,” recalled Chansung. “I think after that, Jung Won wakes up, and he becomes stronger and firmly resolved.”

The final two episodes of “Show Window: The Queen’s House” will air on January 17 and 18 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on previous episodes of the drama with subtitles below!

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