Lee Da Hae Tells Hilarious Story Of A Time She And Se7en Were Caught On A Secret Date By Fans

Lee Da Hae has shared some amusing stories about her relationship with Se7en!

On the latest episode of MBC’s “The Manager,” Lee Da Hae and Se7en made their first-ever joint variety show appearance as a couple. The two stars, who first publicly confirmed their relationship back in 2016, have been dating for seven years now.

While sharing a meal together with their mutual friend Choi Sung Joon, as well as Lee Da Hae’s manager, the couple talked about how they first started dating. Lee Da Hae explained that she hadn’t been romantically interested in Se7en at first, but that she had eventually started seeing him in a different light.

“Suddenly, from a certain point on, I became fond of him,” said the actress. “I didn’t dislike him [before], but it took some time for us to start dating.”

Describing how Se7en had finally asked her out at her birthday party, Lee Da Hae recalled, “He was looking at me, and then he suddenly said, ‘Da Hae, go out with me. Let’s date.’ I started talking about other things, so he asked, ‘Why aren’t you answering?’ So I said, ‘At our age, do we really have to [explicitly] respond to questions like that?!'”

When Lee Da Hae mentioned how they had initially tried to keep their relationship a secret, Choi Sung Joon teasingly pointed out that they hadn’t done a very good job hiding it. “You guys just went around on obvious dates together,” he said. “Sitting next to each other on airplanes isn’t really exercising caution. Other couples purposely fly on different airplanes.” Se7en replied, “We did take different airplanes for a year.”

Lee Da Hae went on to tell the story of a time they had traveled to Vietnam together early on in their relationship. “I had gone through customs first,” she explained, “and then the airport employee suddenly asked, ‘Excuse me, are you Se7en?’ I still laugh all the time whenever I remember this, but he said with an [awkwardly serious] expression, ‘No, I’m not.’ [The employee] said, ‘No, you’re Se7en! You’re my idol!’ and he said, ‘No, I’m not Se7en.'”

The couple also shared a hilarious story about a time they had gotten caught on a date at an amusement park.

“Since they sell lots of masks at amusement parks, and lots of people wear them there, we had a lot of fun there for a long time [while hiding our faces with masks],” said Lee Da Hae. “But after a while, three students came up to us and asked, ‘Excuse me, but by any chance, are you Se7en?'”

Se7en made everyone crack up by going on to recall that he had immediately let go of Lee Da Hae’s hand and started running away. Lee Da Hae chimed in with a laugh, “He just left me there, and as I was watching him running from far away, I thought to myself, ‘Can I really trust this guy in the future?’ He was so fast.”

She continued, “When we met up later, he took off his mask, and he looked like someone who had just showered. Sweat was dripping off his face as he asked me, ‘Are you okay?'” Se7en laughed in embarrassment, “I’m sweating now just thinking about it.”

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