Apink’s Son Naeun To Sit Out Promotions For Special Album Due To Scheduling Conflicts

Apink’s Son Naeun will only partially be participating in the group’s upcoming special album.

Back in December, IST Entertainment confirmed that Apink would be making a comeback in February 2022. The agency stated that although Son Naeun had signed with a new agency as an actress, she would join the other Apink members for the comeback.

On January 17, IST Entertainment announced that although Son Naeun would appear in the album jacket photos and the music video, she would not be participating in the promotion for the new album.

Their full statement reads:

Hello, this is IST Entertainment.

This is our statement regarding Apink’s February album, which was announced in previous articles and at their fan meeting.

The agency did our absolute best to adjust schedules and keep communication open so that Apink’s special album, which is for their meaningful 10th debut anniversary, would have all six members for the promotions.

However, due to sudden scheduling conflicts, all of Apink’s promotions except for the album jacket photos and the music video shoot will be carried out with five members (Chorong, Bomi, Jung Eun Ji, Namjoo, and Hayoung).

We ask that fans, who have waited a long time for Apink’s comeback, take an understanding view of this statement.

Thank you.

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