GOT7’s BamBam Introduces His New Mini Album, Talks About The Pressure Of Promoting Solo, And More

On January 18, GOT7’s BamBam held an online press conference for the release of his second mini album “B”!

BamBam shared, “I prepared diligently. My last album had unexpected results so I was able to prepare this album more confidently. I’m nervous but it’s an album I’m personally satisfied with.” He introduced the album saying, “I tried to express my own world. You can think of it as an album that captures my story and my colors.”

The album “B” features title track “Slow Mo” alongside the pre-release track “Who Are You” and four b-sides. Regarding the title song, BamBam explained, “It’s a story that continues on from ‘Who Are You.’ It contains the idea of accepting my alter ego, making our own world within that, immersing into and influencing one another, and defining my personal color.”

Among the six songs on “B,” BamBam is listed as a lyricist on five, of which he commented, “I mostly shared what I wanted to say. It could be something I’ve always wanted to say but haven’t been able to or a color I’ve really wanted to do but am just showcasing now. The story follows the flow of the album.”

Looking back on the success of his first solo album “riBBon,” BamBam shared, “I felt pressure regarding whether I’d do as well as ‘riBBon’ and whether people would give me that same amount of love. Since [“B”] is an album I’m personally satisfied with, I believe many people will like it.”

He added, “As I enjoy dancing and was also the main dancer in GOT7, I hope many people take an interest in my performance. I would also love for more people to recognize BamBam as an artist and my musicality.”

BamBam also discussed promoting as a K-pop artist who is originally from Thailand. He commented, “I’ve been able to promote comfortably because [2PM’s] Nichkhun paved the way. The fact that I came from Thailand is not important and it will be great if you’re able to gain positive energy from my music.”

On continuing his solo journey without his GOT7 members, BamBam shared, “For starters, it’s an advantage that I can make the music I want to make. In the future when we promote as GOT7, I’ll be able to showcase GOT7’s image for the first time in a while. On the other hand, a disadvantage is that there’s a bit of pressure and I get lonely sometimes. Also, when I was promoting in a team, I could hide the aspects I wasn’t confident in. Now that I’m solo, I feel like everything has to be perfect. However, I see it as experience and a good opportunity to grow.”

He continued, “In our group chat, the GOT7 members give a lot of feedback. The thing we talk about most is, ‘When is your comeback?’ and we’ve even said stuff like ‘Let’s not overlap [promotions].’ I didn’t play them my song because I wanted to surprise them. We also talk a lot about GOT7 promotions.”

BamBam added, “Two days ago was our eighth anniversary. The seven of us couldn’t get together but we gathered through live broadcasts and talked. I even have a song I wrote while thinking of GOT7. I know when it’ll be released but I can’t say.”

Lastly, BamBam shared, “In the future, I plan to promote with a wide variety of activities so please look forward to it. I plan to do it enjoyably. In the future, I will continue to work hard and do well.”

Catch BamBam’s latest music video for “Slow Mo” here!

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