Former FTISLAND Member Oh Won Bin Announces Marriage And Fiancée’s Pregnancy

Former FTISLAND member and actor Oh Won Bin is getting married!

On his personal Instagram, Oh Won Bin shared that he is planning to get married and that his fiancée was currently pregnant.

He wrote:

It’s been a long time. Somehow it’s already been eight months since we said goodbye to Leo [his pet dog]. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to say this, and I ended up being late.

I’m getting married.

During the time when COVID-19 was at its worst, a precious new life came into my world. We weren’t able to hold a ceremony, but we have been happy spending time with this new life, whom it feels like was sent to us by Leo.

We originally wanted to send out invitations and share photos and let everyone know the news, but since we couldn’t hold a ceremony at the time, I ended up being late with this news.

When you have a child, it’s a new life that should be celebrated, but somehow it felt like I was hiding it because of my personal issues, so I felt sorry toward the child and toward everyone.

As many people know, I went to the military and my hiatus kept getting longer and my work kept receiving setbacks from COVID-19 and I didn’t know how I would make my return. It was during this time that [our baby] appeared.

I had a lot of projects scheduled, but they kept getting delayed, and I felt frantic when it came to my work. But the harder I worked, the further it seemed to go. Now I want to set aside that impatient state of mind and let things flow in a more relaxed state.

I have known the person who will become my wife for a very long time. She has witnessed some of my toughest times, and has always been there for me throughout the many years when I was going through difficulties. She is an acting teacher, so I’ve also gotten a lot of help from her in different ways.

She is someone that I am so grateful for, who has always cheered me on without complaint even when we couldn’t hold a wedding ceremony or upload photos of our relationship or our baby.

I am sorry for not being able to share this news earlier. Thank you for always supporting me through comments and messages.

It’s cold lately, so please be careful of colds. Let’s meet someday.

Oh Won Bin debuted as a member of FTISLAND in 2007 but left the band in January 2009.

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