iKON Temporarily Halts Activities After Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, And Donghyuk Test Positive For COVID-19

iKON’s Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, and Donghyuk have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On January 23, YG Entertainment announced that the three iKON members had tested positive for COVID-19 after exhibiting mild cold symptoms.

Although the entire group immediately halted all activities and went into self-quarantine as a precautionary measure, the other three members—Bobby, Junhoe, and Chanwoo—have since tested negative for the virus.

YG Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

This is YG Entertainment.

iKON members Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Donghyuk were diagnosed with COVID-19 today (January 23).

On January 22, they experienced mild cold symptoms, so they used COVID-19 self-test kits to test themselves, and their initial results were positive.

Afterwards, all of the iKON members immediately halted their scheduled activities and underwent PCR testing, and while individually isolating themselves in self-quarantine, Bobby, Koo Junhoe, and Jung Chanwoo’s results came back negative, and the remaining three members were ultimately confirmed to have COVID-19.

We will be unsparing in our support of not only Kim Jinhwan, Song Yunhyeong, and Kim Donghyuk’s speedy recovery, but also the health and safety of all our artists.

Additionally, we will diligently cooperate with health authorities’ epidemiological surveillance while taking all measures necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If there are any changes to the situation in the future, we will inform you as quickly as possible.

Wishing Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, and Donghyuk a speedy recovery!

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