Baek Sung Hyun And His Daughter To Appear On “The Return Of Superman”

Actor Baek Sung Hyun and his daughter are joining the cast of “The Return of Superman”!

On January 26, the program announced, “Baek Sung Hyun is confirmed to appear on ‘The Return of Superman.'”

The everyday life of new father Baek Sung Hyun and his 14-month-old daughter will first air in February.”

Baek Sung Hyun debuted as a child in the 1994 film “I Wish For What Is Forbidden To Me” and then continued his career in dramas including “Damo,” “Stairway to Heaven,” “Emperor of the Sea,” and “Age of Heroes.” Following his days as a child actor, he continued acting as an adult in projects including in “Melody of Love,” “Iris 2,” and “Doctors.” He has recently garnered attention with his role in the drama “Voice 4.”

In April 2020, he married his non-celebrity girlfriend after four years of dating. In the same year on October 31, the couple welcomed their first child Seo Yoon.

According to the production team of “The Return of Superman,” Seo Yoon is a very intelligent 14-month-old with a lovable smile. Although Baek Sung Hyun is still new to raising a child, he is putting in his full effort to improve as a father and become closer to Seo Yoon.

Baek Sung Hyun and his daughter’s first appearance on “The Return of Superman” will air in February.

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