Park Jin Joo Talks About “Our Beloved Summer,” Chemistry With Kim Da Mi, And More

Park Jin Joo recently spoke about working with Kim Da Mi in “Our Beloved Summer”!

SBS’s “Our Beloved Summer” is a drama about ex-couple Choi Woong (Choi Woo Shik) and Guk Yeon Soo (Kim Da Mi), whose relationship did not end on good terms. Years later, the documentary they filmed in high school suddenly gains popularity, and they’re forced to be together in front of the camera once more.

In “Our Beloved Summer,” Park Jin Joo plays Lee Sol Yi, a former writer, current pub owner, and Guk Yeon Soo’s only friend. In contrast to Guk Yeon Soo’s stiff and quiet approach to navigating her relationship with Choi Woong, Lee Sol Yi watched from the side and offered refreshing and funny advice.

Since the two actresses play such close friends in the drama, Park Jin Joo revealed that she had initially been worried about becoming close with Kim Da Mi. “We’re both pretty quiet. We’re both really shy. I thought it was important for us to get close quickly, so I was really worried at the time of our first filming. Because Kim Da Mi and I had to be really comfortable around one another [to match our characters].”

However, there turned out to be no need for such concerns. Park Jin Joo explained, “As soon as we started throwing lines back and forth, [our chemistry] matched so well. To the point where I felt euphoric.”

Park Jin Joo also had lots of praise to give Kim Da Mi, sharing, “Kim Da Mi is good at serious roles, but is also a sponge-like actress who can flexibly adapt to any improvisation or joke. Thanks to her, I was able to comfortably act to my heart’s content.”

Additionally, Park Jin Joo chose Kim Sung Cheol as the drama’s most memorable actor. “On set, [Kim Sung Cheol] played the role of mood maker on set really well. He jokes a lot and has a lot of talent. He is also very considerate. In the middle of filming, he would encouragingly yell out, ‘Hwaiting!’ and give everyone strength.”

Finally, Park Jin Joo said that the set of “Our Beloved Summer,” which had a lot of actors her age, was happiness in and of itself. “In [my] other projects, there were a lot of senior actors,” she explained. “This time, I was the oldest. I thought, ‘I have to do a good job being the rock [on set].’ However, everyone led each other well. As a result, it felt like I was playing and having fun relaxedly while working.” She added with a laugh, “To the point where it was hard to differentiate whether I was acting or if it was real life.”

“Our Beloved Summer” aired its finale on January 25 to its highest viewership ratings yet.

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