Update: JUST B’s Geonu And Sangwoo Test Positive For COVID-19

Updated February 7 KST: 

JUST B’s Geonu and Sangwoo have also been diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to their agency, the JUST B members tested themselves with self-testing kits after Lim Jimin and JM tested positive. Their results came back negative, but they maintained self-quarantine and got an additional PCR test on February 6. The results of that test came back positive for Geonu and Sangwoo.

The other two members have tested negative, but will continue to maintain self-quarantine and undergo additional testing in accordance with the disease control authorities.

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Original Article: 

JUST B’s JM and Lim Jimin have both been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On February 5, BLUEDOT Entertainment announced the news through the following statement:

This is BLUEDOT Entertainment.

We regret to inform you that Lim Jimin and JM of JUST B have tested positive for COVID-19.

In response to the recent spike in the number of COVID-19 cases, all members of JUST B, who have received their third dose of the vaccine, tested for the virus using an at-home test kit on Friday, February 4th. As a result, Lim Jimin and JM tested positive and immediately proceeded with a PCR test.

On Saturday, February 5th, Lim Jimin and JM tested positive on the PCR test. The rest of the members (Geonu, Bain, DY, and Sangwoo), who had tested negative on the at-home test, were isolated immediately on Friday, February 4th, and are awaiting additional instructions from public health authorities.

We wish both JM and Lim Jimin a speedy recovery!

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