Jewelry Brand That Made HyunA And DAWN’s Customized Rings Shares Details About Them

The designer of Diligems, the jewelry brand that made HyunA and DAWN’s rings, shared the process of how they were created.

On February 3, DAWN shared a video and photos on Instagram of himself and HyunA with beautiful matching ring sets. In response to his caption, “MARRY ME,” HyunA reposted the post and wrote in her caption, “Of course it’s a Yes.”

On February 5, the designer shared the following post:

Hi everybody!

I had the honor of designing an exciting pair of rings for the dreamiest of couples.
I would like to point out that they were customized for the couple ONLY and will never be duplicated.

The rings are made of white gold with opals as their main stones and 7 diamonds of different shapes and colors.
DAWN came to my studio to discuss the design for over a month and even chose the opals and diamonds himself.
We also ran into technical difficulties delaying the process and was pushed to try new things to resolve the problems.

So much love, effort, and time went into the rings, and it’s low-key killing me to see people idly jumping to conclusions about the pieces without any type of proactive inquiry or due diligence.

To be frank, the cost of their rings paid for my year’s rent


All in all, I’m very happy to see the happy couple and their rings that look just as happy as them!

HyunA and DAWN have been in a public relationship since 2018, though they began dating in 2016. Previously signed under Cube Entertainment, they left and signed with PSY’s label, P NATION, in 2019.

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