It took quite a few takes for Cho Yi Hyun to get her romantic kiss scene in “All of Us Are Dead” right—but co-star Lomon didn’t mind!

In a newly released commentary video for the hit zombie series “All of Us Are Dead,” stars Park Ji Hu, Yoon Chan Young, Cho Yi Hyun, and Lomon sat down with director Lee Jae Gyu and writer Chun Sung Il to discuss the drama and share fun behind-the-scenes stories from filming.

While watching Cho Yi Hyun and Lomon’s kiss scene, director Lee Jae Gyu teasingly joked, “Even now, Lomon can’t stop smiling. He looks so happy watching [this scene].” He then asked the cast, “How many takes did we do?”

After a moment of thought, Lomon replied, “17 takes?” Both he and Cho Yi Hyun added in unison, “We really did a lot of takes.”

Cho Yi Hyun then explained, “I felt really sorry to Lomon. Because I had my eyes closed when I was leaning in [for the kiss], so I couldn’t find where his lips were.”

However, she went on to reveal that Lomon had joked that he was actually enjoying all the takes, which made everyone burst out laughing. “I kept saying, ‘Lomon, I’m really sorry. Can we try it just one more time? I’m really sorry,'” she recalled. “But Lomon was like, ‘Personally, I’m happy to keep going.'”

Lomon playfully chimed in, “Before we shot that scene, I kept worrying, ‘How do we pull off the kiss? I’m so nervous. What do I do?’ But after [Cho Yi Hyun] kissed me, I realized, ‘Oh, so this is why actors do romance dramas.'”

He cracked everyone up by adding, “This is my favorite scene.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!

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