8 Viral Girl Group Choreos We Know You Can’t Resist Dancing Along To

While K-pop girl groups have always been at the forefront of viral dance moves, this past year has only further proven the sheer impact girl groups have on internet trends with countless hits by stars like TWICE, Brave Girls, and IVE spawning viral dance challenges across platforms like TikTok.

Without further ado, here are eight addictive and viral K-pop girl group choreographies (in no particular order) that K-pop fans can’t help dancing to!


Rookie girl group STAYC made waves in 2021 with their breakout hit “ASAP,” featuring a low-key yet addictive 8-bit inspired instrumental hook. The catchy, synth-filled track along with its adorably groovy choreography made “ASAP” not only fun to watch and listen to but also had K-pop fans up on their feet and dancing along!

2. TWICE – “The Feels”

The reigning queens of viral choreography did not disappoint in 2021 when TWICE’s dance for their debut English-language single “The Feels” quickly took off upon its release! Countless fans quickly picked up the bouncy, high-energy dance from its chorus where the members swing their arms powerfully.

3. Jeon Somi – “DUMB DUMB”

Jeon Somi showed off her talent as a dancer during the whistle-led chorus in her hit song “DUMB DUMB,” quickly snapping from sharp, powerful moves to smooth and sensual body rolls. This incredibly fun dance is filled with attitude, and fans were scrambling to pick up the choreography to join Somi’s “DUMB DUMB” dance challenge on TikTok.

4. Lisa – “LALISA”

While Lisa is arguably one of the strongest dancers in K-pop, the multitalented star took things back to basics during the chorus of her debut single “LALISA,” allowing anybody of any skill level to take on the simple yet impactful dance. The BLACKPINK member proved her power and had the world singing and dancing the moment her debut single arrived.

5. Brave Girls – “Rollin'”

An oldie but goodie, Brave Girls’ 2017 single “Rollin'” took the world by storm in early 2021 when the song began to see a resurgence on the charts following a viral fan-made compilation of the group’s performances. Like Lisa, the group’s simple approach to the song’s choreography through its many body rolls allowed fans to join them in dancing along to its addictive post-chorus instrumental hook.

6. Kep1er – “WA DA DA”

Power rookies Kep1er burst onto the scene with their incredibly catchy debut song “WA DA DA” and its dynamic choreography with uplifting and adorable hand gestures! Fans in particular loved the first rap verse led by rapper Dayeon, where she confidently stomps as she declares that Kep1er has arrived.


On the topic of K-pop monster rookies, who could forget Starship Entertainment’s latest girl group IVE? While they blew K-pop fans away with their impressive vocals and stage presence, the elegant opening section in “ELEVEN,” led by member Liz, soon spawned a viral TikTok trend, spreading even to non K-pop fans as they attempt to emulate the unique choreography.

8. aespa – “Next Level”

Finally, there is no discussing viral girl group dances without mentioning aespa’s “Next Level.” Widely considered the latest SM act’s breakout hit, the success of “Next Level” is largely due to the song’s unique structure and interesting choreography, with one viral move in particular becoming dubbed the “ㄷ” step. The dance for this song plays with loads of impactful and memorable steps, and it’s no surprise how popular it got both locally and internationally!

Which other addictive girl group choreos did we miss out? Let us know in the comments below!

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