Watch: Kim Ha Neul, Lee Hye Young, And Kim Sung Ryung Strive To Be The Best In New “Kill Heel” Teaser

A new teaser for the upcoming tvN drama “Kill Heel” has been released!

“Kill Heel” is a drama that depicts the fierce world of home shopping. It centers around women surviving in a world of competition and power that involves show hosts with diverse personalities. The drama is directed by No Do Cheol of MBC’s “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” and the script is written by Shin Kwang Ho, who wrote JTBC’s “Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators.” The show stars Kim Ha NeulLee Hye Young, and Kim Sung Ryung.

In the new teaser, the three women are backstage in a studio getting ready for showtime. Woo Hyun (Kim Ha Neul) looks slightly tense as she sits in a makeup chair. People around her brush her with makeup and tend to her appearance as she looks away from the camera. She narrates, “Now there’s no place for me to back down. Now I’m going to get what I want.”

The camera then cuts to Ok Sun (Kim Sung Ryung) who is also getting her makeup done in a chair. She looks slyly at the camera before flashing a sweet smile at the staff behind her. Her voiceover in the background says, “Life is always ready to come and strike me in the back of my head.”

Finally, Mo Ran (Lee Hye Young) makes a dramatic entrance by suddenly pulling back the black curtains and emerging from behind them. She looks fiercely ahead of her before her voiceover says, “A line that shouldn’t be crossed? Why do you guys get to decide that?” The camera then cuts to quick individual shots of the three women, each looking untrusting of the others.

Check out the teaser below!

“Kill Heel” will premiere on February 23 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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