Wonder Girls’ Sunye Talks About Her Time On “Mama The Idol” And Expresses Gratitude To Her Family

Wonder Girls’ Sunye talked about “Mama the Idol” and her feelings after the end of the show.

“Mama the Idol” is a tvN variety show about the return of legendary stars who are also mothers. After taking some time off to give birth and raise their children, they made a comeback as shining idols through the program. Female stars who were once active as girl group members or actresses received training to be produced into a new girl group.

Sunye, originally known best as a member of the hit girl group Wonder Girls, gave birth to her first child in October 2013 and her second child in April 2016. In 2019, Sunye gave birth to another baby girl, making her the mother of three beautiful daughters. During this time, Sunye took a break from the industry to focus on her family, and she returned to the stage for the first time in nine years on “Mama the Idol.”

M.M.D (which stands for “MAMADOL”) is the new group formed through “Mama the Idol” and consists of Jewelry’s Park Jung Ah, Wonder Girls’ Sunye, After School’s Kahi, Baby V.O.X Re.V’s Yang Eun Ji, Byul, and Hyun Jyuni. The group recently performed their new song “WooAh HIP” on “M Countdown.”

After “Mama the Idol” ended on February 4, Sunye expressed her feelings about the time she had spent on the show. She said, “I felt like I received a lot of unexpected gifts that I didn’t deserve. I think it was a time in which I had the most courage and challenged myself while living as a mother.”

She continued on to express her gratitude to those who worked on the show as well as her family, saying, “I’m really thankful to the production crew, who worked hard behind the scenes to make the best program. I would also like to say thanks to my in-laws and my husband for allowing me to have new dreams with my fans who have waited for a long time.”

Sunye finally added, “The time in which we could become one again after each living our own was precious and special. Going forward, I will continue to greet you through good music.”

Recently, Sunye and 2AM’s Im Seulong released a remake of Park Jin Young‘s 2007 song “Farewell Under the Sun.” She and Park Jin Young also performed the song during their much buzzed-about reunion on “Mama the Idol,” where Sunye also reunited with her Wonder Girls bandmate Sunmi for a duet version of “Gashina.”

If you haven’t already, watch M.M.D perform “WooAh HIP” here!

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