Lee Tae Hwan Transforms Into A Charming Chef Who Steals Kim Ji Hyun’s Heart In Upcoming Drama “Thirty-Nine”

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Thirty-Nine” released its first glimpse of Lee Tae Hwan!

“Thirty-Nine” is about three friends who met in their second year of high school and are now on the verge of turning 40. The drama will tell the beautiful and emotional everyday stories of three 39-year-old women who encounter unforeseen circumstances in their lives.

Son Ye Jin plays Cha Mi Jo, the head dermatologist of a clinic in Gangnam. Jeon Mi Do takes the role of Jung Chan Young, an acting teacher who previously dreamed of becoming an actress, and Kim Ji Hyun stars as Jang Joo Hee, a department store cosmetics manager.

Lee Tae Hwan will act as Park Hyun Joon, the owner and chef of the fusion Chinese restaurant Chinatown. Coincidentally enough, the restaurant is located in Jang Joo Hee’s neighborhood. Park Hyun Joon was offered to be a chef at a hotel, but due to his dreams to cook his own dishes, he rejected the offer and opened a small restaurant instead.

The newly released stills raise further anticipation for Lee Tae Hwan’s character. In the photos, Park Hyun Joon shows his charisma as the chef of his own restaurant. In one photo, he looks completely absorbed in cooking. Another photo showcases his affection for Chinatown as he’s spotted posting a sticker on the glass window. He exudes warmth with his friendly smile, leaving viewers yearning to learn more about his passion.

The third still hints his upcoming romance with Jang Joo Hee, who has been single her own life. Jang Joo Hee, Cha Mi Jo, and Jung Chan Young are disappointed that Chinatown has replaced their favorite pub. However, they will soon form a special relationship with Park Hyun Joon and his new restaurant.

“Thirty-Nine” will premiere on Wednesday, February 16 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Tae Hwan in “Touch“:

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