ENHYPEN’s Sunoo Tests Positive For COVID-19 + His 1st Radio Show As DJ Postponed

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

On February 11, ENHYPEN’s agency BELIFT LAB announced that Sunoo had tested positive for COVID-19 after developing a fever. According to the agency, he is currently not exhibiting any other symptoms aside from a cough and sore throat.

Fortunately, the other six ENHYPEN members have tested negative for COVID-19 thus far, and they all went into self-quarantine as a precautionary measure before Sunoo’s diagnosis.

While Sunoo and Jungwon were originally scheduled to begin hosting the EBS radio show “Listen” starting on February 13, their first show as DJs has been postponed to February 20 instead.

BELIFT LAB’s full English statement is as follows:



We would like to provide you with some information on ENHYPEN member Sunoo being diagnosed with COVID-19 as well as adjustments in his activities.

Sunoo experienced a fever and preemptively visited the hospital on Wednesday the 9th and promptly went to a selective clinic to take the PCR test after being advised to do so by the medical staff. His test results came back positive on Thursday the 10th and is confirmed with COVID-19. Sunoo received two doses of the vaccine and is currently not exhibiting any extraordinary symptoms other than a cough and sore throat. He is currently receiving treatment in accordance with the healthcare authority guidelines.

All the other ENHYPEN members took rapid antigen tests on Wednesday the 9th and PCR tests on Thursday the 10th both of which came back negative for everyone, and the members are currently not presenting any symptoms. All members preemptively went into quarantine before Sunoo was diagnosed.

Taking the duration of quarantine into account, Sunoo and Jungwon will feature in the EBS radio show “Listen” as DJs from Sunday, February 20 instead of Sunday, February 13 as originally planned.

Our company will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of Sunoo, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will also continue to cooperate fully with the requests and guidelines of healthcare authorities.

Thank you.

Last September, all of the ENHYPEN members except for Sunoo were diagnosed with COVID-19, and all six of them successfully recovered within two weeks.

Wishing Sunoo a speedy recovery!

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