3 Reasons To Look Forward To The Premiere Of “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

tvN’s new drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is gearing up for its highly-anticipated premiere!

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” is set in 1998 and tells the story of Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) and Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri), who first meet when they are 22 and 18 years old and fall in love when they meet again at age 25 and 21.

Below are three reasons to tune into the premiere of the new romance and youth drama!

Perfect casting that expresses “youth” just as it is

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” made fans’ hearts flutter with the casting of popular actors who perfectly symbolize youth. Kim Tae Ri will emit an “irreplaceable” presence with her portrayal of the brave and passionate Na Hee Do. Nam Joo Hyuk, who is highly praised for his solid acting skills and “youth appearance,” will make his acting transformation as the mature and serious Baek Yi Jin.

On top of that, the cast also includes WJSN’s Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, and Lee Joo Myung, who will show off their accumulated acting skills and various charms. Bona plays Go Yu Rim, a national fencing athlete, Choi Hyun Wook plays Moon Ji Woong, an influencer in the late 1990s whose goal is to become “Today’s Member” on the social networking service Cyworld, and Lee Joo Myung plays Ji Seung Wan, the class leader.

The writer and director’s fantastic synergy

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” is being written by Kwon Do Eun (“Search: WWW”) and directed by Jung Ji Hyun (“Mr. Sunshine,” “The King: Eternal Monarch”). Kwon Do Eun was praised her witty and sensible writing of “Search: WWW,” and Jung Ji Hyun is known for his delicate and sophisticated directing. The previous teasers demonstrated an extraordinary story of the 1998 era that was beautifully captured on screen, proving the harmonious teamwork of Kwon Do Eun and Jung Ji Hyun.

A variety of abundant charms

“Twenty Five, Twenty One,” will feature diverse charms of the beautiful youth from 1998. One key topic is fencing, which will present lively and hot action to the viewers. The drama will also summon the memories of the older generation and their passion and spirit. Viewers from the MZ Generation (a Korean term referring to millennials and Generation Z) will be able to reflect on the present while forgetting the hardships of reality for a while and immersing themselves in the intriguing plot. Another attractive point that will draw viewers is growth pain. The characters will experience hardships and setbacks and overcome them with reckless courage as they race towards their dreams. Through such charms, the viewers will be presented with a precious time where they can experience both touching and heartbreaking moments.

The producers commented, “We hope ‘Twenty Five, Twenty One’ will be a drama that cheers and encourages young people who are doing their best today and comforts those who have passed through their youth. Please look forward to the first episode, which will convey the joys and sorrows of ‘youth’ that is dazzling and green.”

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” premieres on February 12 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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