Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Min, And Lee Yi Kyung Share Excitement As Their New Variety Show Becomes Permanent

As their new variety show “Tteokbokki Brothers” prepares for a permanent launch, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Yi Kyung have shared their thoughts on their highly-anticipated reunion!

“Tteokbokki Brothers” is an MBC every1 reality show that follows Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Min, and Lee Yi Kyung as they run a tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) restaurant, as well as the stories of the celebrity and non-celebrity customers who come to visit the restaurant and chat.

After a successful 8-episode pilot run last fall, the show is becoming a permanent program—and after moving into a bigger space, the three “tteokbokki brothers” are open for business again.

Describing his reaction to the news that “Tteokbokki Brothers” had been picked up as a permanent show, Lee Yi Kyung recalled, “[Filming for the show] had felt like I was running an actual tteokbokki restaurant with hyungs [older male friends or brothers] that I really like in real life, so I was happy and excited to hear the news that I’d be able to see them again and we’d be able to get back together.”

Ji Suk Jin expressed confidence in their chemistry as a trio, explaining, “Our pilot shoot for ‘Tteokbokki Brothers’ was the first time I’d ever worked with Jong Min and Yi Kyung. But there was no friction or awkwardness, as though we’d been filming together for a long time already. They’re both guys with outstanding instincts when it comes to [shooting for] TV.”

He added, “Because they each understand their individual roles and do a great job, I’m looking forward to some incredible chemistry this time as well.”

Kim Jong Min also spoke highly of his co-stars, remarking, “Because they’re both so kind, we work really well together. Whenever there’s a gap or something that needs taken care of, regardless of who it is, they step up and smoothly fill that gap. That’s the kind of chemistry we have.”

“Tteokbokki Brothers” will air its official premiere as a permanent program on February 15 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch the pilot season with English subtitles below!

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