Kim Ji Won, Lee Min Ki, Lee El, And Son Seok Gu Struggle With Their Banal Lives In Poster For New JTBC Drama

JTBC’s upcoming weekend drama “My Liberation Notes” released its first teaser poster!

“My Liberation Notes” will tell the story of three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and a mysterious outsider who comes to their town. In July of last year, JTBC officially announced that Kim Ji WonLee Min Ki, Son Seok Gu, and Lee El would all be starring in the upcoming series.

Kim Ji Won will be playing the role of Yeom Mi Jung, who is the youngest child in her family. A born introvert, the timid Yeom Mi Jung has always gone through life feeling completely alone. Unable to take it anymore, Yeom Mi Jung eventually attempts to make a change in order to “liberate” herself from her dreary, monochrome life.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ki will be starring as Yeom Chang Hee, Yeom Mi Jung’s older brother and the middle child of their family. Although he initially hoped to move to the city and get a taste of a more exciting world, life didn’t go according to his plans. Aimless, dreamless, and lacking any particular ambition, Yeom Chang Hee might be immature, but everything he says is always surprisingly logical.

Lee El will play Yeom Ki Jung, the fiery eldest child of the family, who is only well-behaved on the day she receives her paycheck. Yeom Ki Jung feels that she wasted her entire youth commuting back and forth to Seoul for her job, and she is desperate to find love.

Finally, Son Seok Gu will play the role of Mr. Gu, the charming and mysterious outsider who suddenly arrives in town. No one knows who he is, and his arrival is even more mystifying because their town is considered so boring that “while people may leave, no one ever moves in.” Mr. Gu, who seems as though he’s been through his fair share of misfortune, is drunk 365 days a year and has lost his way in life – until one day, Yeom Mi Jung approaches him.

The teaser poster released on February 17 captures the extremely realistic daily lives of the three siblings. The three Yeom siblings pile up in the cramped train to head to work. All three of them look extremely tired with their dull lives, and there isn’t an ounce of joy on their faces. The way they are all trapped in the train like sardines in a can evokes sympathy and sadness. It makes fans wonder, “Will the moment of liberation come to them like a ray of sunshine?” Furthermore, Mr. Gu passes by the three siblings as he walks down the platform. His shoulders are slightly hunched forward as he is bundled up in a scarf and coat. The text on the poster reads, “It’s boringly normal. I wish someone would save me.”

The drama’s production team stated, “It is a drama that contains moments of emotions that everyone has felt at least once. The realistic yet funny story will convey deep sympathy and comfort. We hope that ‘My Liberation Notes’ will bring small ‘liberation’ to viewers’ daily lives.”

“My Liberation Notes” will premiere in April.

In the meantime, watch Son Seok Gu and Lee El in “Matrimonial Chaos” with subtitles below!

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