Han Hyo Joo Shares Her Love For Movies, Acting As Different Ages, Her Recent Pirates Film, And More

In a recent interview with Allure Magazine, Han Hyo Joo opened up about her feelings towards watching films in the theater, acting in the pandemic-related drama “Happiness,” and more!

When talking about her new film “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure,” Han Hyo Joo expressed her love for watching films at the theater as well as her sadness at how few people go to the theater nowadays. She said, “I like watching movies so much that I still go there often now. I go by myself too. My heart aches because there’s no people. Why? Because it’s a way of showing you enjoy movives. Since I was twenty, I went to the theater and watched movies even when I had time off work. But it’s slowly becoming more and more difficult to make movies. Even though platforms for various genres are increasing and movies of different genres are being made, I think movies made for the big screen have a different feeling. I hope it goes well. I hope it comes back to life and I hope it goes well again.”

Relatedly, she recalled going to the theater when she was younger with her family to watch some of her favorite movies. She said, “When I was really young, I remember holding my mom’s hand and watching ‘The Lion King’ at the theater. For ‘Titanic’ too, I kept begging my mom and so I went to see it three times. I think because you had to be 15 or older to see the movie, I had to go with a parent. It was the first time I watched the same thing repeatedly in a theater. Those memories remain. Good movies also remain for a long time.”

She also discussed the drama “Happiness” she starred, in which deals with a deadly virus spreading through a city, and her upcoming drama “Moving.” When explaining the filming of “Happiness,” she said, “Surprisingly, it resonates a lot. Even though the drama was filmed urgently, all the actors on set were great so the vibe was ‘happy.’ The director was also great. Actually, it was after I decided to do the project ‘Moving,’ which I’m filming now. As the preparation period for ‘Moving’ was prolonged, there were several months that were empty for me, so it was done then.”

She continued by talking about how she made the decision to do the project. She elaborated, “Recently, I haven’t been able to do many projects that fit my age. In ‘Treadstone,’ my character had a 10-year-old son, and in ‘The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure’ I had to act and make a character that was completely different from me. In ‘Happiness,’ the character fits my personality and is close to my age, so I think it was a project that came at a good time. So I really wanted to do it.”

Because she shares similarities to the character in “Happiness,” Han Hyo Joo said it seemed like she wasn’t even acting. She recalled, “There’s nothing particular about Yoon Sae Bom. My friends all asked me, ‘Why didn’t you act in ‘Happiness?’ When are you acting?'”

She smiled before continuing, “It’s really nice because she was a character in the drama that could show who I am now most naturally without acting or changing myself. In ‘Moving’ as well, I have a son in his third year of high school, and I go back and forth between acting in my 20s and 40s.”

Han Hyo Joo’s full interview will be available in Allure’s March edition!

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