9 K-Pop Groups Who Have Their Own K-Dramas, Web Dramas, Or Movies

While it’s not a common trope seen in K-pop, some idol groups end up with their own television and web works. This is usually part of the fan service they provide their fan community, and it is always welcomed with open arms. The plots are often romance-oriented and are similar to the usual structure of stories that are part of the fanboying/fangirling culture. Quality-wise? The cheesier, the better!

Here is a selection of K-pop groups that have their own K-dramas, web dramas, or movies.

1. GOT7 – “Dream Knight”

This fantastic web drama tells the story of a young girl who mends her suffering by summoning a group of boys into her life, portrayed by GOT7. The main themes addressed in this drama are love, pain, friendship, and dreams. This 12-episode storyline was released back in 2015, the year after the septet debuted.

2. Stray Kids – “What If You Are a JYP Entertainment’s Trainee?”

Stray Kids asked this question on behalf of the fans and answered in this collaborative short film with Dingo. Female trainee Kim Dingo joins JYP Entertainment and runs into the boy group, who makes sure that she feels at home while discovering the various aspects of a trainee’s life.

3. Super Junior – “Attack on the Pin-up Boys”

Everybody knows that Super Junior is one of the goofiest and funniest K-pop groups out there. This 81-minute movie is another solid proof of the members’ comical spirit. The story follows mysterious attacks that have been targeting flower boys in neighboring high schools. Divided into victims and suspects, which Super Junior member is the actual culprit?

4. ASTRO – “To Be Continued”

ASTRO stars in this web drama as themselves. The members go back in time just a day before their much-anticipated debut stage. Unresolved issues and impeding challenges are faced along the way: will they be able to solve it all in time before they can properly debut?

5. EXO – “EXO Next Door”

This one doesn’t have the entire group, but four members are surely present: Chanyeol, D.O., Baekhyun, and Sehun. The plot follows these gentlemen as they play themselves and move into a new home to take a break from the stardom life. They hire their neighbor (Moon Ga Young) to be in charge of housekeeping, and she ends up recognizing and remembering Chanyeol as her childhood friend. A love triangle soon develops between the housekeeper and two of the members. Who could it be?

6. TREASURE – “Mysterious Class”

YG productions are always top tier, and this one takes the throne for web dramas. In this brief thriller, TREASURE takes on the role of students who happen to count an extra person during attendance. Threatened by the presence of a ghost among them, the members try to solve this mystery before something eerie befalls the class.

7. BTS – “What If There Was An Eye Candy BTS High School?”

Let’s face it, it’d be cool to see BTS debut on the small screen, TV or laptop. Finally, the boys delivered and the result might make your fingers and toes curl, but it is such a wholesome guilty pleasure at the same time. Posing as the school nurse, the class president, or the English teacher, you can find the members in every corner of this virtual high school for eye candy. And the main character? Well, that’s you of course!

8. LOONA – “First Love Story”

Also known as “Woomanna,” this drama follows LOONA 1/3 and LOONA Odd Eye Circle throughout the three seasons that have been released so far. Each love story on campus is documented and narrated, highlighting romance in college from different perspectives.

9. ONF – “Can I Step In?”

ONF delves into acting in this short but rich drama about six housemates, five men and a woman who recently joined the house. Consequently, they learn to live together and adapt to the new situation. This creates five independent relationships between the newcomer and the original residents, and many situations that create quarrel, romance, and good fun.

Honorable mentions:

SF9 and AOA – “Click Your Heart” (Web drama)

KARA – “Secret Love” (Drama)

P1Harmony – “P1H: The beginning of a New World” (Movie)

Cross Gene – “Zedd” (Movie)

fromis_9 – “Welcome to the Heal Inn” (Web drama)

Which idol group K-drama/web drama/movie is your favorite ? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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