Y2K Style Is Back - Here Are 7 K-Pop Looks To Inspire Your 'Fits

In case you missed the memo, Y2K fashion is back and here to stay! From velour tracksuits to mini skirts, it’s all game. If you need some help figuring out how to perfect your look or just want to add a K-pop inspired twist to your ‘fit, then this is the list for you. Now, get out there and show off your style!

1. Denim-on-denim

Originally a ’90s trend that really took off in the early 2000s, denim-on-denim is often a polarizing look. However, the ladies of Red Velvet have proved that it can be done in a way that is totally chic! Irene is rocking it in this performance of their song “Queendom,” but the music video also serves some cool double-denim looks too. This look is also a great unisex style!

2. All about the shine

That shiny, futuristic look was a big deal in the ’00s, and there are plenty of options on display in this version of TWICE’s “Feel Special” stage. From smooth satin looks á la Chaeyoung and Tzuyu to the sequined tops of Momo and Jihyo or even adventurous crinkly textures from Dahyun’s matching set, TWICE has this trend on lock. Light or pastel colors can tone down this style if it’s a little too out-there for you, or go for bright colors to make it extra bold.

3. Baby tees

Rather than the sharp cuts or boxy lines of your standard crop top, the baby tee is all about embracing your natural figure. The ladies of STAYC are bringing the baby tee back big-time, including the classic Y2K embellishments such as lace, waffle cuts, and cool graphics. The tighter fit of the baby tee looks great with wide-legged pants or a flared skirt to add some contrast.

4. OTT accessories

Sure, it’s a little kitsch, but over-the-top accessories are a great way to upgrade an otherwise plain outfit in a totally Y2K way. This performance by rookie girl group stars Weeekly is basically a master class in accessorizing – beaded jewelry, glittery hairpins, and statement earrings are just a few of the ways that Weeekly is bringing back 2000’s fashion.

5. The velour tracksuit

If you want a flawless example of Y2K-inspired K-pop fashion, Taeyeon’s “Weekend” music video is probably the top choice. She’s rocking pretty much a full wardrobe of ’00s trends including a staple from the era: the velour matching set. While the tracksuit might be the most iconic version of this style (see BLACKPINK’s Jennie below), Taeyeon has refreshed the look with a miniskirt cut.

6. The baguette bag

There are several versions of the baguette bag, but the shoulder-carry style and rounded corners are what make this silhouette stand out. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa carries what might be the most memorable version from the early ’00s – the canvas bag with a logo pattern that totally makes a statement. The baguette bag comes in a ton of colors and patterns these days, so there’s one for every ‘fit!

7. Miniskirts

The miniskirt is a K-pop staple, but this BLACKPINK stage performance of their song “Lovesick Girls” is nostalgic in a particularly Y2K way. From bright plaid patterns to pleats to the love-it-or-hate-it jean skirt, there are plenty of ways to customize this style to suit your tastes. Pair your skirt with a set of chunky shoes for a super trendy look.

How do you feel about the resurgence of Y2K style? Do you want to try any of these looks? Tell us in the comments below!

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