MOMOLAND Halts Promotions In Mexico After Nancy And Hyebin Test Positive For COVID-19

MOMOLAND’s Nancy and Hyebin have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Mexico.

On February 20, MLD Entertainment announced that MOMOLAND, who is currently in Mexico, would be temporarily halting their promotions there in order to focus on the members’ treatment and recovery.

The agency’s full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is MLD Entertainment.

MOMOLAND members Hyebin and Nancy, who are currently in the midst of promotions in Mexico, have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Although Hyebin and Nancy previously received three doses and two doses [of the COVID-19 vaccine] respectively, their PCR test results ultimately came back positive.

We will be provisionally halting all [of MOMOLAND’s] scheduled activities in order to first focus on our two artists’ treatment and recovery.

We apologize for giving the fans cause for concern, and we would also like to apologize once again to everyone who has been working hard for [MOMOLAND’s] local promotions.

Our company will make Hyebin and Nancy’s speedy recovery our top priority, and we will adhere to the guidelines of government health authorities and take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Thank you.

Wishing both Hyebin and Nancy a speedy recovery!

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