6 Memorable Moments From The First Half Of “Through The Darkness”

The halfway point of “Through the Darkness” is already here, and lots of heart-pounding and exciting moments have happened throughout the series.

Set in the late 1990s, “Through the Darkness” is a drama based on the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam Gil stars as Song Ha Young, a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Criminal Behavior Analysis team, while Jin Sun Kyu plays his friend and colleague Guk Young Soo who originally brought him onto the team. Kim So Jin stars as Yoon Tae Goo, the team leader of the Mobile Investigation Unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

As the show heads into the second half, here are some of the most memorable moments so far:


1. Episode 1–Guk Young Soo recognizes Song Ha Young’s potential, the beginning of profiling in Korea

Police officer Song Ha Young, who understands people’s minds, carried out an investigation while simultaneously considering both the possibilities that the suspect who claimed innocence could be the criminal or not. Guk Young Soo, who felt the need to analyze criminal behavior before anyone else, recognized Song Ha Young’s potential as a profiler. When Song Ha Young was recruited as a criminal behavior analyst by Guk Young Soo, the show’s momentum began.

2. Episode 2–Song Ha Young clears Bang Ki Hoon’s name and comforts him

Song Ha Young cleared his fellow high school alumnus Bang Ki Hoon (Oh Kyung Joo) of murder after he was falsely charged. The same pattern of murder occurred while Bang Ki Hoon, who had falsely confessed through coercion, was imprisoned. Song Ha Young arrested the true criminal with clues obtained from talking with another criminal. Later, Song Ha Young found Bang Ki Hoon’s pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) after he had been released from jail. Song Ha Young comforted Bang Ki Hoon and drew sympathy from viewers.

3. Episode 3–Criminal Behavior Analysis team vs. Mobile Investigation Unit

In episode 3, a new case occurred involving the murder of a five-year-old in the Changui neighborhood. The Criminal Behavior Analysis team used profiling techniques in order to identify suspects. Although the other police officers did not welcome the participation of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team in the investigation, they all had the same desire to arrest the culprit. Due to this, the Criminal Behavior Analysis team, who had been conducting the investigation unofficially, had a heated discussion with the Mobile Investigation Unit.

4. Episode 4–Song Ha Young walks into a heart of evil

Song Ha Young and Guk Young Soo interviewed the real culprit Jo Hyun Gil (Woo Jung Gook) of the Changui neighborhood case in order to understand the psychology of criminals and to gather data. By doing this, Song Ha Young decided to walk into a heart of evil, causing him unbearable pain as he confronted the despicable Jo Hyun Gil. This confrontation captured viewers’ attention.

5. Episode 5–Song Ha Young, Guk Young Soo, and Yoon Tae Goo’s intuition about the serial murders

Three murders occurred in separate places, making the total number of victims already 10 people. There were some things all of the murders had in common: they all occurred in luxurious houses, the culprit did not take any money or valuables, the incidents were disguised as robberies, and they all involved the same blunt weapon. From this, Yoon Tae Goo predicted that the same culprit was responsible after finding footprints of hiking boots at the scene of the crime.

6. Episode 6–A cold gaze towards the Criminal Behavior Analysis team, two culprits appear

In order to prevent the next murder, Song Ha Young proposed to go public with the investigation. As a result, traces of serial killer Gu Young Chun (Han Jun Woo) disappeared like smoke. However, the police’s internal scrutiny towards the Criminal Behavior Analysis team became colder. Finally, the Criminal Behavior Analysis team was ordered to halt the field investigation. Heo Gil Pyo (Kim Won Hae), Song Ha Young, and Guk Young Soo’s fiery argument about the investigation drew attention as viewers questioned what will happen next.

The second part of “Through the Darkness” will begin airing on February 25 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out a trailer for Part 2 here!

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