7 Idols To Use As Inspo If You're Thinking About Getting Bangs This Year

While bangs can get a bad rap for being high-maintenance or difficult to style, they’re actually a great way to switch up your look without committing to a big chop. Plus, there are tons of different cuts to suit your face shape and desired look – they’re super versatile that way! Here are some great examples of all the ways to wear them, as modeled by your favorite K-pop stars.

1. Oh My Girl’s Arin

A classic example of soft, easy-to-style bangs comes from Oh My Girl’s youngest member Arin. This photo shoot provides plenty of versatile looks featuring multiple hairstyles like hats and ponytails, proving that this cut looks good no matter what. The medium-thickness and eye-grazing length looks good on pretty much every face shape and centers all the attention on the facial features.

2. IU

IU has had many different iterations of bangs over the course of her career (even changing from photo shoot to photo shoot!), but these barely-there wispy bangs might be one of the prettiest. So light they might even be mistaken for baby hairs, these bangs are perfect for those who just can’t bring themselves to commit to a heavier cut but still want to try them out – or they can be used to add texture to different styles.

3. ITZY’s Yuna

These long, face-framing bangs are super flattering on ITZY’s maknae Yuna, because they accentuate her beautiful heart-shaped face. Also known as “curtain bangs,” this cut is totally adjustable in terms of thickness and is also easily pinned back for those who don’t want bangs all the time. The face-framing cut is easy to blend in with hair that is already layered, but stands out when the hair is pulled back.

4. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Super-short bangs like Seulgi’s may seem a little too adventurous for some, but they definitely make a big statement. They have the bonus of not covering the brows or poking you in the eyes all day like some longer cuts can, and they look great on people like Seulgi who have a shorter chin. If you’re looking to jump straight into an edgier style or you want to upgrade your current bangs into something bolder, then this is a great option.

5. STAYC’s Seeun

Speaking of bold looks, the princess cut (also known as the Hime cut) was a style that took over the internet in 2021 – and still retains all of its chicness in 2022. While the traditional eyebrow-length fringe is an optional part of the cut, the key point of the look is the blunt chop at the chin or cheekbone. STAYC’s Seeun even dyed the ends of her princess cut in bright colors, adding an extra dimension of fun to an already-awesome style.

6. TWICE’s Momo

Momo has had some pretty iconic bangs over the course of her career, but there’s something special about this specific style. By blending in the blonde with her natural dark color, the blunt cut is transformed into something that seems softer and more textured. It also adds a pop to what might otherwise be considered a pretty yet basic style. If you feel like your bangs ended up a little too heavy, try adding in a different color to lighten them up.


Lisa is known for a lot of things, including her rap, her dance, and her impressive Instagram following. However, one of the most iconic things about her is definitely her bangs! It’s rare to see her without them these days, and she’s proved that she can pull off a huge variety of styles – from wispy bangs to wavy face-framers. This blunt cut might be the best of the bunch, though, and works great for those who want to conceal a wider forehead or just want to magnify their facial features.

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