WJSN’s Dawon To Take Hiatus Due To Health

Starship Entertainment has announced that WJSN’s Dawon will be going on a hiatus due to health concerns.

On February 22, the agency released an official statement explaining that Dawon had previously been undergoing treatment for anxiety disorder while promoting with WJSN—but that she would now be halting activities in order to focus more fully on her treatment and recovery.

Starship Entertainment’s full statement is as follows:

This is Starship Entertainment.

We are making an announcement regarding the health of our artist WJSN member Dawon.

Dawon is currently undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder. Up until now, we have taken measures for Dawon’s recovery by consulting with Dawon so that she could [undergo treatment] while carrying out her scheduled activities, but it has been determined that she needs to focus on her treatment through sufficient rest and stability. Therefore, after consulting with Dawon based on the opinion of medical professionals, it has been decided that she will halt her activities in order for her to recover her health.

Dawon will not be participating in future scheduled activities, and she will be resting in order to focus on recovering her health.

We apologize for giving fans cause for concern with this sudden news, and we will continue to do our utmost and focus on Dawon’s treatment so that she can find stability.

Thank you.

Earlier this week, WJSN was confirmed to be part of the lineup for the upcoming second season of Mnet’s idol competition show “Queendom.”

Wishing Dawon a speedy and full recovery!

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