Kim Dong Wook Turns Into A Bloodthirsty Killer Who Is Haunted By School Violence In Upcoming Thriller Drama

TVING original drama “The King of Pigs” has shared a frightening new look of Kim Dong Wook in character!

“The King of Pigs” is a thriller that follows the people who recall their experiences as victims of violence due to the mysterious serial killings that begin when they receive a message from a friend from 20 years ago. Through these characters with tragic fates, the drama touches on the origin of school violence and the violence that pervades modern society.

The drama is based on director Yeon Sang Ho’s animated film of the same name that has already been acknowledged for its cinematic quality at various film festivals.

Kim Dong Wook will play the role of Hwang Kyung Min who lives with the trauma of the school violence he experienced 20 years ago. Kim Sung Kyu will take on the role of detective Jung Jong Suk who traces the mysterious message sent by the friend from 20 years ago. Chae Jung Ahn will play the charismatic detective Kang Jin Ah, a tenacious woman of principle who will stop at nothing to solve a case.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Kim Dong Wook flawlessly portrays the complicated Hwang Kyung Min, who is haunted by his past trauma. In the beginning, Hwang Kyung Min seems like a happy man who lives a normal life with his family, but something unexpected causes his true emotions to burst out.

In one photo, Hwang Kyung Min stares intensely at something as he sits in his car. His chilling gaze is enough to send a shiver down one’s spine. Other stills depict Hwang Kyung Min with blood covering his face as he exudes an unusual aura. In the photo where he is in a dark space with his hood over his head, his eyes lose their radiance, and his face is filled with anxiousness.

Kim Dong Wook will convincingly show the dark side of Hwang Kyung Min and his complex background that is difficult to explain in one word. Having presented a wide range of acting in various works, the actor will make a strong impression with a more unconventional appearance through “The King of Pigs.”

“The King of Pigs” will be released on March 18 via TVING. Check out a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Kim Dong Wook in “Find Me in Your Memory” below:

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