“A Superior Day” Shares Key Phrases To Amp Up Excitement For Premiere

OCN’s new drama “A Superior Day” is gearing up for its premiere!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “A Superior Day” is a thriller about the 24-hour nightmare of an ordinary man who must save his kidnapped daughter by murdering the serial killer who lives next door.

Jin Goo will star as Lee Ho Chul, a firefighter who has to rescue his kidnapped daughter, while Ha Do Kwon will play Bae Tae Jin, a professional hitman who is chasing serial killer Kwon Si Woo (played by Lee Won Geun).

In order to raise anticipation for the drama’s premiere, OCN released key phrases to represent the show.

Deadline: one day

The first key phrase indicates the most interesting point of the story, which is a time limit. Lee Ho Chul witnesses his daughter getting kidnapped in front of him. In order to save her, he will have to catch a notorious serial killer in 24 hours.

Things will get more intriguing as Lee Ho Chul’s, Bae Tae Jin’s, and Kwon Si Woo’s timelines get intertwined. In addition, they will get involved in a heart-stopping chase within the radius of Lee Ho Chul’s home. The fact that all these thrilling events happen in a limited time and space provides more tension than ever.

The most superior being out of the three

Lee Ho Chul, Bae Tae Jin, and Kwon Si Woo all have different purposes, and it will be interesting to find out who will be the superior one at the end.

First off, nothing else is more important to Lee Ho Chul than getting his daughter back. He will begin a desperate fight as he goes to the ends of the earth for his mission. On the other hand, Bae Tae Jin’s goal is to catch Kwon Si Woo. No one knows why he’s so intent to catch the serial killer, but he will show a more cold and merciless approach to achieve his objective. Lastly, Kwon Si Woo, who believes he’s the most superior being, will not hold back to prove it. At the end of the given time, who will be the one smiling with triumph?

An OCN series based on a hit webtoon

Previously, OCN produced hit webtoon-based dramas like “Strangers From Hell” and “The Uncanny Counter.” “A Superior Day” is the next webtoon-based drama that OCN is preparing, and on top of that, the webtoon itself is a popular series by Team Getname, which includes the author Kim Carnby, who wrote “Sweet Home,” and Aruani, who wrote “Dr. Hound.” Webtoon fans can look forward to the three-dimensional birth of another legendary series.

In addition, fans can enjoy comparing the actors Jin Goo, Ha Do Kwon, and Lee Won Geun to the original webtoon characters. It will be exciting to see their performances as they boast a high synchronization rate with their roles.

“A Superior Day” premieres on March 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

While waiting, watch Lee Won Geun in “One the Woman“:

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