“My Teen Girl” Unveils Final Top 7 Debut Lineup + New Girl Group Name

On February 27, MBC’s girl group audition program “My Teen Girl” aired its finale in a live broadcast.


In the previous episode, the contestants were divided into a debut group and a challenge group. The debut group consisted of Kim Yooyeon, Myung Hyungseo, Minami, Park Boeun, Yoon Chaewon, Choi Yoonjung, and Hong Hyeju. The challenge group consisted of Kim Riwon, Kim Seonyou, Kim Yunseo, Kim Hyunhee, Won Jimin, Lee Mihee, and Lee Youngchae.

The final seven debut lineup would be decided after two rounds of competition in the finale between the two groups, with the teachers’ benefit score, the score from text votes sent in during the live finale, and the score from advance online voting.

In Round 1, the debut group performed “DREAMING” and the challenge group performed “SUN.” Afterward, the rankings according solely to the advance online voting were revealed. Kim Seonyou was first place with 94,849 votes, followed by Park Boeun, Kim Riwon, Yoon Chaewon, Kim Yooyeon, Myung Hyungseo, and Won Jimin in the top seven.

In Round 2, the debut group performed “SONIC BOOM” and the challenge group performed “LIONS.” The teachers gave their scores for both Round 1 and Round 2 and the challenge team won with 479 points to the debut group’s 360. As a result, the challenge group received a benefit of 50,000 points.

During the finale, it was also revealed that the name of the new girl group that would debut from the show would be CLASSy.

Once the live text votes had ended, the scores were tallied to reveal the Top 7 final debut lineup. The first member to be revealed was the sixth-place ranking: Park Boeun. She said, “Thank you to the fans who are always cheering me on, and to my mom, friends, and sister who quietly supported me from behind. You gave me a lot of help and comfort when it was tough. I will work hard in order to repay all the support I’ve been given.”

Fifth place was Kim Riwon, who said, “Even before the final started, it didn’t feel real and I was really nervous. I’m happy to have received such a good result. Thank you and I love you to teacher Yuri, who helped me get to where I am today, to the dance and vocal teachers, and to the fans. More than anyone else, thank you to my parents, who have always watched over me. Thank you, I’ll work hard.”

Fourth place was Hong Hyeju, who said, “I’d let everything go, so I’m really happy to be debuting in such a high rank. I want to sincerely thank everyone who cheered for me. I’m grateful to the other contestants, older, younger, my peers. I also want to thank the teachers. Thank you.”

Third place was Myung Hyungseo, who said, “I never thought I would be called, but I received such a high rank that I’m grateful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to debut and I will work hard not to disappoint everyone because of this great gift I’ve been given. I’ve learned a lot from the teachers. Thank you to my friends, my parents, and the production staff. I’ll work hard, thank you.”

Won Jimin and Kim Seonyou were candidates for first place, with the crown eventually going to Won Jimin. She said, “I really never thought I’d get No. 1. My ranking was on the edge in the advance online voting. It feels like a dream. I realized that all the work I’d done until now has paid off. I feel like I’ve risen to too high a position too fast, but thank you.”

In second place, Kim Seonyou said, “I am really grateful to have received such a high ranking as No. 2 and will work harder to ensure not to disappoint you and to show you a good image.”

The final member to be revealed was the seventh-place ranking, with Kim Yooyeon, Yoon Chaewon, Lee Mihee, and Lee Youngchae as candidates. In the end, the final member to join CLASSy was Yoon Chaewon, who said, “Even when I started ‘My Teen Girl,’ I never thought I’d rise as high to the debut lineup. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity, thank you so much to the people who loved and cheered me on. Thank you to my mom and my family, who went through a lot while propping me up from behind. Thank you.”

The final Top 7 lineup:

  1. Won Jimin
  2. Kim Seonyou
  3. Myung Hyungseo
  4. Hong Hyeju
  5. Kim Riwon
  6. Park Boeun
  7. Yoon Chaewon

Congratulations to the contestants!

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