7 Park Seo Joon K-Dramas To Make Your Heart Melt

With recent news of his contraction of the virus which shall not be named, Park Seo Joon has found a way back into the spotlight. While the circumstances surrounding this recent attention are less than wonderful, there is a bright spot: namely, that we have a new collection of photographs of this beloved actor to admire as we send him all of the well-wishes in the world.

With Park Seo Joon always in fans’ thoughts and hearts, it seems appropriate to take a moment to reminisce over some of Park Seo Joon’s well-loved dramas. After all, we still have over a year before both his next movie and drama are released, so why not keep this ailing actor close by letting him soothe our concerned hearts with this collection of heart-melting dramas?

1. “Dream High 2

Being one of Park Seo Joon’s first dramas, “Dream High 2” is absolutely everything you’d expect a 2012 idol actor-filled drama to be. With dreams of making it big in the hard-knock world of entertainment, Park Seo Joon stars alongside GOT7’s JB as members of the idol band Eden, a well-established group who already enjoy the admiration of countless fans. But with new laws put in place for underage performers, the band finds themselves in trouble on more than one occasion and adjusting to the new school routine mandated by these laws isn’t easy. As far as cheesy dramas go, this one ranks high on the list but it’s so perfect in all of its cheesy glory that you can’t help but love it.

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2. “Witch’s Romance”

Quite possibly one of the best noona dramas ever made, the 2014 rom-com “Witch’s Romance” sees Park Seo Joon playing the role of Yoon Dong Ha, a young entrepreneur who finds himself falling for a successful investigative news reporter, Ban Ji Yeon, played by the always fabulous Uhm Jung Hwa. After discovering just how big the age gap is between herself and Dong Ha, Ji Yeon tries to push him away, but his sincere feelings for her and his determination to prove just how much he cares makes it next to impossible for this hard-nosed reporter to stay away for long. Watching Dong Ha pour on the charm makes it impossible for anyone to watch this drama without feeling their own heart melt right alongside Ji Yeon’s.

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3. “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Taking on the role of Hwang Jung Eum‘s twin brother, Oh Ri On, Park Seo Joon brings an unexpected element to the heart-melting 2015 drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.” The drama does focus on Ji Sung’s character, Cha Do Hyun, and his struggles with dissociative identity disorder as well as his relationship with Hwang Jung Eum’s Oh Ri Jin. And yet, Park Seo Joon’s character still stands out in the background. Often mistaken as a silly simpleton, Ri On is actually a famous mystery novelist who writes under the pseudonym Omega. Using this name to investigate the lives of the rich and scandalous, Ri On is determined to bring the secrets of the rich to light, but isn’t quite sure how to handle things once he realizes his sister has fallen for Do Hyun. Watching such sweet sibling chemistry between these two, you can’t help but feel your heart go just a little squishy.

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4. “She Was Pretty

Moving back into the role of swoon-worthy male lead in the 2015 rom-com “She Was Pretty,” Park Seo Joon shines as Ji Sung Joon, the handsome and successful editor of a leading fashion magazine, who just happens to be the childhood love of Hwang Jung Eum’s awkwardly adorable Kim Hye Jin. Having been parted when they were still young, Hye Jin remembers Sung Joon as fondly as he remembers her, but time and a total reversal of their outward appearances has made them both unrecognizable to the other. Embarrassed by her looks, Hye Jin asks her pretty friend (played by Go Jun Hee) to meet with Sung Joon instead, but in true rom-com form, nothing works out as planned. Now working together, it’s impossible for Hye Jin and Sung Joon to escape the other’s notice as the red string that ties them together draws them ever closer. With so much chemistry between the two characters, anyone watching this drama is sure to feel their heart melt like butter on hot toast.

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5. “Fight My Way

Moving from successful editor to down-and-out mixed martial artist, Park Seo Joon melts all the hearts as Go Dong Man in the 2017 feel-good drama “Fight My Way.” Once a successful taekwondoin, Dong Man has to step out of the ring when life takes an unexpected turn. Now working as a contract employee in a dead-end job, Dong Man finds new inspiration to re-enter the ring as a mixed martial artist but the road back to glory isn’t easy. Ever beside him is his childhood friend, Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won), a department store clerk who dreams of becoming a television news anchor. Inspiring each other to fight for their dreams, the two naturally transition from long-time friends to lovers, and if that sweet description isn’t enough right there to soften your heart, nothing will.

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6. “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

As the narcissistic vice chairman of a major corporation, Park Seo Joon may not be the most likely candidate for “heart-melting male lead” but he somehow manages to do just that in his role in the 2018 rom-com “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.” Utterly dependent upon his hard-working, long-time secretary Kim Mi So (Park Min Young), Park Seo Joon’s Lee Young Joon has his world utterly shaken when Mi So hands in her resignation. Determined to start focusing more on herself and what she wants out of life, Mi So is ready to say goodbye to the corporate world but Young Joon refuses to let her go. Trying anything and everything he can to keep her by his side, Young Joon soon finds himself falling for his soon-to-be-former secretary. Lucky for him, she’s beginning to return the feelings, which means as lucky viewers, we get to watch their feelings grow as our own hearts turn to goo.

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7. “Itaewon Class”

Moving from rom-com to straight up drama, Park Seo Joon easily proves that there’s more than one way to melt a heart in the 2020 webtoon-turned-drama “Itaewon Class.” Playing Park Sae Roy, Park Seo Joon does a fantastic job portraying the traumatized high school dropout desperate for revenge. Once an incarcerated young man, Sae Roy now walks the straight and narrow path as the proprietor of an Itaewon restaurant/bar. Hoping to use his business as the means for revenge, Sae Roy is frustrated when he can’t get his business off the ground. Lucky for him, Kim Da Mi’s Jo Yi Seo steps into his life at just the right moment and turns everything around. While the romance part of this drama spends most of its time subtly building in the background, it’s still there. So your heart might feel for Sae Roy on so many levels as the story progresses, but it will melt in an entirely different way once he finally figures out what his heart has been trying to tell him for ages.

With so many good films and dramas to his name, it’s impossible to list all of Park Seo Joon’s works in a single article; but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell us which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

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