Watch: Kim Jae Wook, Krystal, And Ha Jun Muster Tense Emotions During Savage Poster Shoot For Upcoming Romance Drama

“Crazy Love” (literal title) has shared a making video from the drama’s poster shoot!

KBS’s “Crazy Love” is a sweet yet savage and chaotic romance story about a rude but skilled instructor who receives a death threat and his terminally ill secretary. Kim Jae Wook stars as Noh Go Jin, a narcissistic character who is the CEO of the education company GOTOP and the top math instructor in the country with an IQ of 190. f(x)’s Krystal plays Lee Shin Ah, Noh Go Jin’s secretary, who does not have much of a presence.

The clip begins with an introduction from Kim Jae Wook. He describes his character Noh Go Jin, saying, “Without an academic degree, he becomes a top instructor with just his brains and brilliant IQ of 190. Currently, he’s the CEO of GOTOP. He’s an incredibly cold character who doesn’t like or trust people very much and only thinks that money and performance are important.”

To describe her character, Krystal comments, “Lee Shin Ah is the secretary of CEO Noh Go Jin, Korea’s top instructor. While having a hard time working as a secretary, she gets diagnosed as terminally ill. She’s a character who then becomes vindictive [towards Noh Go Jin] and starts to take revenge.”

As they dive into their couple photos, Kim Jae Wook explains, “Like our drama’s title, [the love story] matches crazy love and is not a love story that is just sweet. It’s blood-splattering and they’re eager to attack and kill one another, so I think there will be a lot of photos taken that capture those emotions.” Although dressed like a bride and groom, the pair pose like enemies with Krystal holding a hammer instead of a bouquet of flowers.

Ha Jun introduces himself and his character Oh Sae Gi, who works alongside Noh Go Jin as the vice president of GOTOP. He shares, “As the vice president of GOTOP, he is in charge of the overall care of GOTOP’s education. While diligently looking after Go Jin, he’s also a warm character who comforts anyone that Noh Go Jin offends.”

Following the poster shoot, Krystal comments, “We filmed very closely, even stacking our faces, and it was my first time filming like this so it was very unique and we filmed enjoyably.” After sharing similar sentiments about the shoot, Kim Jae Wook adds, “Everyone’s been having a hard time right now due to the pandemic. For over two years, everyone’s been enduring a tough time so I hope this becomes a project that you can watch comfortably while laughing. I really hope you are able to gain energy in your everyday life.”

“Crazy Love” premieres on March 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full video below and check out some of the final posters here!

While you wait for the premiere, watch Krystal in “Police University” below:

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