Exclusive Interview: STAYC Talks

STAYC recently made their return with “YOUNG-LUV.COM,” and the girl group is once again receiving lots of love with the new album and title track “RUN2U.”

In celebration of their comeback, STAYC took time to answer some questions for Soompi readers.

Check out their interview below!

What is your favorite B-side track from this album?


Sieun: “SAME SAME”


Seeun: “YOUNG LUV”



What is your favorite part of the comeback preparation process?

Sumin: My favorite part is music video filming. I can experience new things I haven’t done before, and I think it is the most important part of the process where a final result is created after completing song recording and choreography.

Sieun: My favorite part is song recording!

Isa: My favorite part is choreography practice! It is the most difficult, but I like learning choreography because it feels like the album is becoming complete.

Seeun: My favorite is song recording because that is when it really hits me that we are starting a new album.

Yoon: I think mine is recording. I think it is one of the hardest parts of the process, but it is the beginning of the album preparation process, so I like it because it really feels like we are starting a new album.

J: It is the most exciting and fun when we are filming the music video after completing album preparation.

What would you like to compliment yourself on for this comeback?

Sumin: You have improved a lot!!

Sieun: Be confident, you’re doing well!

Isa: You have practiced hard !! ☺

Seeun: I compliment you on not giving up and working hard on everything until you can do it!!!

Yoon: I am proud that you worked hard and did well preparing for this album also, and this is just the beginning, so gain strength and don’t get worn out! Don’t get sick, and don’t get hurt!! Hwaiting!

J: It’s great that you seem confident!!!

What is something you haven’t tried yet but would like to learn one day?

Sumin: Boxing!! I also want to try learning a musical instrument, and I want to try learning guitar or drums! I want to get my driver’s license also.

Sieun: Swimming!!!! I also want to learn all sorts of cooking including baking, modern dance/ballet, piano, and composing with MIDI.

Isa: I want to learn about composing, writing lyrics, and producing.

Seeun: Basketball and piano.

Yoon: I learned drums for a bit in the past, and I remember it being fun, so I want to learn drums again. My dream is to sing while playing guitar or piano, so I really want to learn one day and perform while singing. I also want to learn producing and make music. I also want to learn archery or shooting. Actually, there are so many things I want to learn besides these, but I don’t have much time to learn, so when I have enough time, I want to try learning many things.

J: I want to learn baking one day.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sumin: Ramyeon. I will eat ramyeon for the rest of my life because I will never get sick of it! There are also many different types.

Sieun: Salmon.

Isa: Poke! I never get tired of it.

Seeun: Rice.

Yoon: Rice gives Koreans strength. I would eat rice. No matter how delicious a food is, I don’t think I get energized unless I eat rice.

J: If I can only eat one food for the rest of my life, I would eat kimchi! There are so many foods that can be made with kimchi!

Which member takes the best selfies? Please share your tips!

Sumin: Seeun.

Sieun: J.

Isa: J.

Seeun: Seeun.

Yoon: Seeun.

J: Seeun.

Seeun: It seems that I received the most votes. My selfie tip is tilting your face 45 degrees in natural lighting and showing the part of your face that looks best. Personally, the right side of my face looks better in photos!

Which emoticon do you use most frequently?







If you were to be styled by a member, who would you choose as your stylist?

Sumin: Seeun.

Sieun: Seeun.

Isa: Sumin! Sumin grasps all the key points well, so I’m curious about how she would style me.

Seeun: Sumin. I think she would dress everyone well according to their individual styles.

Yoon: Isa. I think she would style everyone in a way that suits each person well.

J: Isa!!

What Olympic sport do you enjoy watching the most?

Sumin: Figure skating.

Sieun: Figure skating or short track speed skating.

Isa: Short track speed skating!

Seeun: Figure skating.

Yoon: I like them all since they’re all charming sports, but I think I enjoy watching short-track speed skating, figure skating, and archery.

J: Figure skating.

What is a Korean food you would like to recommend to international fans?

Sumin: Kimchi.

Sieun: Bibimbap~

Isa: Bulgogi.

Seeun: Kimchi stew, hot pot bulgogi.

Yoon: Definitely kimchi!! There are a lot of foods that you can eat with kimchi such as kimchi fried rice or kimchi stew, so I strongly recommend it!

J: Kimchi stew!!

What do you enjoy hearing the most from fans?

Sumin: “Sumin, you’re doing a great job as a leader, and I’m always cheering you on!” (Honestly, I like everything I hear.)

Sieun: “Thank you❤”

Isa: I like hearing compliments on my skills or vocal tone. I also like it when they say they get strength thanks to me.

Seeun: “Seeun, I’m so happy thanks to you❤”

Yoon: “I can gain strength today thanks to Yoon!”

J: “J is so cool and pretty.”

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