Watch: Kim Ha Neul, Kim Sung Ryung, And Lee Hye Young Hide Cold Hearts And Red-Hot Ambition Behind Perfect Smiles In

tvN’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Kill Heel” has released a highlight trailer!

“Kill Heel” is about the fierce battles and endless ambition and greed of three women in the competitive world of home shopping networks. Kim Ha Neul stars as Woo Hyun, who strives to escape her stagnant life by becoming the top show host for UNI Home Shopping. Lee Hye Young stars as Mo Ran, a woman who climbed from humble beginnings as a clerk to the top as vice president of UNI Home Shopping. Kim Sung Ryung stars as Ok Sun, a show host at UNI Home Shopping who seems to have the perfect life from her famous politician husband and her adorable son.

The teaser begins Woo Hyun despairing about this stage of her life. She was once a popular show host, but she now stands at the edge of a cliff in her career. The only things she has left is the ambiguous title “former fashion show host” and being ridiculed as the “throwaway card,” forced to sell toilet paper despite having been a former fashion show host.

One of the people who drove her to this precipice was Ok Sun, a fellow show host, who is respected by all because of her title as “the sold-out queen who can climb no higher.” However, Ok Sun also faces unexpected danger when Mo Ran tells her, “It’s true that you’re our mascot, and your sales game is fast, but… I’m sorry”, causing Ok Sun’s smile to fade and be replaced with an expression of emptiness.

Mo Ran has a powerful aura that everyone fears. She was once Ok Sun’s trusted mentor, like an older sister, and she is the epitome of the phrase “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.” However, her other nickname is “fierce witch.” She is a talented person who receives absolute support from UNI Home Shopping’s president, Hyun Wook (Kim Jae Chul), but she has also made a lot of enemies. Her cold front is a way for her to stay strong despite all the obstacles in her way.

In the teaser, Woo Hyun falls to rock bottom after causing a major incident during a live broadcast. The only person who reaches out to help her is, surprisingly, Mo Ran. Mo Ran makes her a dangerous and secret proposal that has the potential to flip the entire situation around. After a secret tryst in a hotel room, Woo Hyun returns with a more flamboyant image and style, along with a relaxed and confident air that she didn’t have before. How will the war between these three women, Woo Hyun, who has nowhere to go but up, Ok Sun, who has nowhere to go but down, and Mo Ran’s ambiguous position, unfold?

“Kill Heel” premieres on March 9 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the highlight trailer below!

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